Breathtaking Scenery Beckons at Royal Senchi


The serenading sounds of birds on thatched roofs, peacocks strutting the greenery and rabbits hopping in delight are some of the fascinating attractions of the famous Royal Senchi Resort in Ghana, Vanessa Obioha writes…

Nothing prepares one for the amazing views at The Royal Senchi Hotel and Resort in the quiet town of Senchi in the Volta region of Ghana where it is located.

The expansive landscape dotted with man-made and natural art is like a painting from an artist’s book. It is picturesque.

Right from the entrance, one is invited to a world of adventure. The view of numerous thatched roofs, neatly combed lawn and the Volta Lake extended as far as one could see from the security gate.

Due to its vastness, it is easy for one to get lost in the fascinating maze, hence the use of signs to guide a visitor. However, the resort is built in such a way that all the facilities are interconnected.

For instance, a Sports Bar and Lounge which is the first facility you encounter leads also to some of the rooms in the resort. This is the hub of sports entertainment for guests. Aptly named Dua Club House, It is surrounded by tennis courts and a drive range.

Whether day or night, guests can watch live football matches either from the bar or the Tree Terrace. The Tree Terrace boasts of a cozy setting, with little black star flags of the Gold Coast circling around it.

From the reception, the resort unfolds its layers of natural tranquillity. Facing the welcome hall is a tempting pool of sparkling turquoise water, inviting one to take a dip or a dive.

The functional pool’s decorative design reflects the resort’s vision of elegance and taste, perfect for lounging and entertainment. To the right of the pool is the Senchi restaurant. It derives its name from the town and is enhanced by the dramatic effect of a fountain — decorated with a white sculpture of a woman holding an object with her head slightly turned back — right in front of it.

The restaurant is tastefully designed to accommodate both indoor and outdoor dining. The cuisine is a delectable mix of intercontinental and Ghanaian dishes, offering guests a buffet of sumptuous meals such as banku with seafood okra soup.

The Royal Senchi offers more than one drinking spot. You can choose to relax and enjoy the sparkling pool view at the Nsu Bar with a beer or cocktails after dinner; or indulge your taste buds with premium brands at the The Palm Lounge Bar. Both are neighbours to the Senchi Restaurant.

Also situated close to the reception hall is a fitness room, a spa and conference rooms.

Delightful Rooms

With 84 rooms to choose from, each comes with a functional terrace or balcony. Basically, there are three types of rooms in the resort: standard rooms, executive and presidential suites. However, the rooms are named depending on the views they provide. For instance, the Picathates Suite named after the African bald crow provides a panoramic view of the Volta Lake. It is the only presidential suite in the resort and consists of two floors.

The lower floor houses a living room, a dining area, guest washroom and kitchen, while the upper floor offers a master bedroom furnished with a king size bed, a bathroom with a Jacuzzi, a dressing room and a massage shower. The suite also has its private swimming pool.

The executive room comes with the same features of the presidential suite apart from the private pool and the upper floor design. The standard room on the other hand, is a spacious room, mostly designed with Ghanaian fabrics that make it feel like a home away from home.

Blissful Nature

The beauty of The Royal Senchi lies in its natural scenery. Imagine waking up to the serenading sounds of birds on the thatched roofs or watching the rabbits hop from one place to another. No doubt, you will be stopped in your tracks when you encounter the flamboyant peacock on the greenery.

Known for its pride, the bird never misses an opportunity to display its colourful feathers. Once it grabs your attention, it slowly unfolds its feathers, turning at different angles to give you a holistic view of its beauty.

But the works of nature do not end with the animals. The resort is situated along the bank of the Volta Lake. Guests can either choose to bask in the serenity of the waterfront or take a boat cruise down the river which stretches all the way to the historic hydro electric Akosombo Dam.

Guests can also enjoy the spectacular view of the Adomi Bridge, the largest cable stayed bridge in West Africa. There are also mountainous views to enjoy. Opposite the waterfront is a nature park meticulously designed by the hotel. It avails guests an opportunity to hike or bird watch with friends and loved ones.

Famous Location

The Royal Senchi is steeped in history and famous for its location along the west bank of the Volta Lake. The lake is the largest artificial reservoir in the world in terms of surface area, measuring 8,502 square kilometres. The lake was formed by the Akosombo Dam which was initially conceived by the geologist Albert Kiston in 1915.

However, the legendary Ghanaian leader, Kwame Nkrumah, embarked on the building of the dam in 1961 and completed it in 1965. The dam provides electricity to most parts of the country. History records that about 78,000 people were relocated alongside 200,000 animals and about 120 buildings were destroyed during the creation of the dam.

The lake provides a source of income to locals whose major vocation is fishing. As well, most of its young men and women are under the employment of the resort.

This beautiful aquatic scenery of course attracts tourists and with the Royal Senchi perched at the heart of it, promises a haven of luxury and leisure.

Another tourist attraction within the resort is the Akwamuman Museum in Akwamufie that houses the historical relics, photographs, documents and artifacts that reflect the rich culture and history of Akwamuman since the 1500s. Here, visitors can be enlightened on the Danish role in the Gold Coast, the revered ruler of the Akwamuman and his war exploits, and some of the iconic royal apparels and accessories.

Beyond the historical sites, The Royal Senchi evinces its love for tradition in the architecture. 95% of its structures are woodwork. The high thatched roofs, the wooden floor and staircases, the use of Ghanaian décor speak volumes of its appreciation of cultural heritage.

Great attention is paid to the facilities as workers as early as the break of dawn can be seen giving the lush green a cleanup and polishing the wooden floors and walls.

The resort is ideal for weddings, social ceremonies and vacations. Little wonder that it was the apt venue for Ghanaian actor John Dumelo to wed his beloved earlier this year. You need not worry if you are taking the kids for a family vacation. They can jump on the bouncing castle, have a swing or a slide in the kids playground, and perhaps chase after the rabbits.

Since its establishment six years ago, the hotel has been named one of the best hotels in the country and is frequented by the highbrow of society. Under the management of Gerard Schraven, the resort has grown to be the most dazzling leisure spot in Ghana.

Access to the resort can be either by road or air. Once one can endure the travails of the dilapidated roads of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway, the journey from Seme Border becomes a smooth one.

You may even stop by Cotonou and explore the voodoo town of Ouidah or just admire the spectacular West African coastline. From Ghana’s capital city of Accra, the hotel is a 90 minutes drive.

In case you choose to jet your way down to the resort, no need to worry as the hotel has a helipad. Whichever route you ply, a world of adventure awaits you at the Royal Senchi.