Firm Unveils Fuel Monitoring Software Solution


Bizsoft Solutions Nigeria Limited, an indigenous information and technology firm based in Lagos, has unveiled Cloudsens, a software application solution that safeguards and deters theft of fuel in companies and government facilities.

Developed in Nigeria, Cloudsens has been adjudged as one of the most innovative remote monitoring solutions in the country riding on Internet of Things (IoTs).

According to the firm, establishments in the country would always need diesel and premium motor fuels to meet their energy needs. This can be as a replacement or to supplement the national grid in case of power failure. Most times these organisations do bulk purchases running in millions of naira on a monthly basis and stored in tanks. This situation has created a lot of room for thefts, pilfering and above all connivance with the energy suppliers to short change the establishment. With the recently unveiled Cloudsens, business owners can monitor their suppliers and usage, thereby saving them millions of Naira and reducing business operation cost.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bizsoft Solutions Nigeria Limited, Oluwagesun Sanni, while addressing the media on the product, said: “The public power supply in Nigeria still leaves a lot to be desired and that has prompted many organisations to seek alternative means of obtaining power. The most common one is by using diesel generators and thus the need for purchase and storage of diesel fuel.

However, we noticed that a lot of firms suffer from under-delivery of diesel fuel from their suppliers who in most cases has adjusted meters, which tends to inflate the amount of fuel delivered; this is apart from the prohibitive cost of diesel in the country.”

“On the average, we noticed from our tests that the inflation of fuel delivery can short-change the customer by up to 15% of the diesel purchased which translates to a huge sum for medium to heavy fuel users. We also noticed that complicity is usually present in these organizations, thus ensuring that the under supply of diesel goes unnoticed at great cost to the company,” he added.

Cloudsens comprises both hardware and software, which is internet enabled with SIM cards for connectivity. Described as one of a kind in the industry, leveraging on internet of things (IoT), with explosion proofed sensors to take readings from the tank and send to the smartphones or laptop. These readings are made available to the business owners via email alerts or the application portal.