Tecno Rewards Customers in Promo


Emma Okonji

Tecno has rewarded winners in its recently concluded Pouvoir 3 Power Extravaganza promo. The winners had their prizes presented to them at an event held in Abuja.

The winners included: Mr. Adigan Ibrahim, who won the first prize– a 24/7 solar energy system; Mr Joseph, who won the second prize – an inverter; Alhaji Mohammad, who won the third prize – a Generator set; and Mr. Paul Malik, who also won a Generator set. 

Tecno Pouvoir 3, well-known for its long-lasting battery power, has an enormous 5,000mAH battery which makes it possible for users to enjoy 4 days of non-stop usage on just one single charge. 

This includes 22 hours of movie watching, 13 hours of non-stop gaming, 120 hours of music playback, 43 hours of talk time, 20 hours internet browsing plus 24 hours of the backlight on at its brightest.

Tecno Mobile, under Transsion Holdings, launched the Pouvoir series smartphone device, which is known for its huge battery capacity. The Tecno 5000mAh big battery smartphone Pouvoir 3 is now available in Nigeria and it comes with the capacity of one charge that keeps the phone four days on. 

The new Tecno smartphone is dubbed the Pouvoir 3 and it comes fully equipped with a powerful battery that solves all battery challenges.

With Tecno Pouvoir 3, customers can use the Wi-fi, GPS, Bluetooth, or any connectivity feature all at once for more than 20 hours. Customers can turn the backlight on to the brightest for more than 24 hours, and they can make calls for up to 43 hours — that’s almost two days. With Pouvoir 3, customers can experience the magic of more than 120 hours of music playback and they can watch videos for up to 22 hours.