Security Challenges Will be Tackled, Police Assure Nigerians

James Emejo in Abuja

The Commander of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Intelligence Response Team (IRT), DCP Abba Kyari Friday reassured Nigerians that the unit, popularly known as SARS, was currently working with other security agencies to overcome the security challenges across the country.

He also advised criminals to repent and become good citizens as the IRT will not relent until all those who broke the law are made to face justice.

Speaking in Abuja while commissioning an internet facility which was donated to the IRT by BUYPOWER.NG, which is an online platform where consumers purchase electricity for prepaid and postpaid meters- to boost the security agency’s fight against criminals, Kyari warned that it will be ruthless with those who threaten the safety of all Nigerians through their nefarious activities.

He said the criminals, “should know that there is no way they can be committing crime and go free. We will not relent and we will get them and we will not forget, no matter what, we would not forget and we will not relent so they should just change and become a good citizen, do legitimate things and earn their living.”

According to him:”We know that these criminals are also not happy with us with what we have been doing, some of them have been going to the press to sponsor lies against us but it is normal, whenever you are fighting crime they will fight back, these criminals have money and what it takes, they are even richer than us.

“Some press guys are very patriotic and don’t tolerate these things,  but there are some that they’ll meet and be able to give them lies and they’ll publish it without even cross-checking whether it is true or not.  

“This is our country we don’t have any other country other than Nigeria, so when somebody brings lies against somebody, you investigate and find out whether it is true or not before you publish, you go on air, that is what we are recommending to our friends in the press and by and large things are good and by God’s grace, the challenge we have in this country will come to pass.

“We are not relenting, all the other security agencies are doing their best and with time very soon Nigerians will see that the challenges we have will be tackled.”

However, the SARS boss said the data infrastructure will greatly enhance its security operations by facilitating timely communication with its officers across the country.

He added:”We are really grateful for this gift, we have not been having enough internet services here, we procured one that is not working well but with this equipment and the facilities that you have given us now, it will make us to be able to communicate with all our units all over the country; we have about 10 IRT units all across the nation and we use internet facilities to communicate.

“So this will help us a lot as it will boost our operations and we are very much grateful and we assure you that we will continue to do what we know best and we will continue to serve this country to the best of our abilities. We are really grateful for you patriotism and contribution to our units.”

Nonetheless, Chief Executive of BUYPOWER.NG, Mr. Benjamin Ufaruna, who was accompanied to the IRT office by the Co-founder/Chief Operating Officer, Asehinde Oladipo and team members, describe it as a great honor and privilege to donate the internet infrastructure for the betterment of the IRT, which had “tremendously worked hard to keep Nigerians safe and secure from the terrors of the underworld.”

He said:”We wake up every morning and are able to go about our businesses because of the sacrifices the men and women of teams such as this make on our behalf. They lose their sleep so we can gain ours. Nigeria gets less dangerous one day at a time because of the progress they make on the job .

“Posterity will not judge us right if we don’t look for ways and means to impact exceptional teams such as this, so we were really excited when the opportunity came to meet a need in the department.

“We will continue to service such needs as long as it takes so that our children and our great grandchildren will one day be proud of the decisions we made and benefit from the fruits of the labor of teams such as this which are a true representation of the Nigerian Spirit. We are deeply grateful for all that you do.”

Furthermore, Kyari, while commenting on his motivation for fighting crime and the successes so far recorded since the inauguration of IRT, said:”Right from my childhood, as I used to say all the time, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Even from my secondary school and university time,  whatever I focus on I put in my best and see that it is done, so that is the spirit that has been in me right from childhood and that is what is happening now.

“So I don’t like giving excuses when I have been given an assignment, whenever I am on assignment I have plan A, B and C. I am not the kind of officer that will just go on something and if it didn’t work out then you come and sit down, no.

“Before it fails I have a plan B for it, so if the plan B didn’t work there is plan C already on the ground, so it must happen and that is the kind of mindset that I have.

“So that is the kind of mindset I have over doing things and by the help of God things are working fine and we are making a lot of progress. You can see that our units have recorded a lot of successes all over the country, it has attracted many awards all over, even the president gave us the presidential medal of courage.

” We have triple IGP medal of courage for the operations we have done all over the country; so it is all because of the results we have been able to achieve over the years and we thank Nigerians and the press for all the support they have been giving us and we will not relent.”

He said:”Then, once again I will like to extend our profound appreciation to our boss the IGP Mohammed Adamu; we are lucky to have somebody like him,  he is a very experienced and calculative officer and he has given us all the support that we need in all our operations. We don’t have any problem and we are very much comfortable with the way we are working with him.”