Chevron Junior Tennis Development Programme to Serve off July 22


The first phase of the Chevron Junior Tennis Development programme is set to serve-off on Monday, July 22 at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club. The coaching programme will also take place in target Chevron communities across Nigeria as well as in Abuja.

The programme which will cover 100 potential stars between the ages of 12 and 16 years will be run by certified national coaches and coaches from the community who will be trained to institute and continue the training of outstanding talent.

“It is important that we find ways to keep our youth engaged during the weekends and holidays to wean them from negative pursuits and bad habits. Sport is one sure way to achieve that,” Godwin Kienka, director of the International Tennis Academy, organisers of the programme, said.

Adding, “Sports is the second largest employer of labour in the world and the programme has an empowerment component where we identify the best talents and help groom them to stardom. At this time when the winner of the Wimbledon Championship, for instance, is getting $3million USD (N1trillion) we owe it to our children all over the nation to position them to compete for all the monies in the sports world.”

The Chevron Junior Tennis Programme is expected to round – off in October with the Chevron National Junior Championship.