RCCG Empowers Youths Nationwide

Rebecca Ejifoma

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is not resting on its oars on the issues that cripple the future of the youths of the nation, as its practical empowerment activities recently positioned youths on the five basic needs of life including leadership.

Hence, while the hall of the RCCG Ojota was filled to brim on June 12, the leaders seized the chance to mentor the future.

The five aspects that make up a youth’s life include: relationship, entrepreneurship, career, leadership and politics (RECALP). The ultimate penchant is for the youths to wade through the fumes of depression and frustration gradually promoting suicide in the country

“We want to begin to demonstrate that the youths are the lights of the world through RECALP. As a youth, if can on all these things, it’s almost like you are living your world, more like your normal life”, the Youth Leader and Provincial Youth Pastor, Mr. Femi Aminusaid.

Acknowledging the annual gathering as its fifth edition, Aminu, expressed that although a group of pastors birthed this initiative, their thoughts was to help the youths live the life.

According to him, there are youths who just sit and pray miracles happen. While noting that he believes in miracles, he was however explicit that the youths must demonstrate it through their works.

“The scriptures say a man who will not work should not eat. Demonstrate that element in diligence. Let people see you as an example and role model,” he urged.

Addressing the issue of relationships from what it was in the very beginning, Aminu bemoaned that it has become global.

“Before, we only knew there were male and female. Today, we know there are male, female and transgender. These things are becoming legal across the world.”

Sadly, he said: “All these things are happening because we had gone to sleep all these while. Let’s equip our next generation before darkness takes over.”

In his detailed address on the alarming rate of suicide in Nigeria recently, the provincial pastor continued that things happen not just in a jiffy. “It takes time to grow. The problem is we left our values and adopted values”

Aminu also told the youths present that social media had helped in hyping fantasies. He enthused that people are made to see the unreal side not the physical side. “They begin to feel that if their mates had done this and achieved that, why can’t they. Every time they see this, it brings depression”.

Meanwhile, having seen how governance in the nation has contributed to the many problems facing the youths, RECALP adopted politics as one the issues to table.

A renowned Polymath, Adviser to governments Development Specialist, and International Speaker, Mr. Dayo Israel said: “I talked about association. It is pivotal you understand who you are and your values; hence, we are equipping young Christians that want to go into leadership”.

Spelling out their goals, the speaker enthused that their goal is to make the youths have the fear of God and go into governance and political system to influence their society so they won’t disappoint their generation.

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