Judith Olusola Soile celebrates God’s Faithfulness At 60

Lagos businesswoman Judith Olusola Soile is a living testament of what happens to those who keep going when the going gets tough. The consummate entrepreneur, philanthropist and devout Christian has partaken in more than her share of challenges, and the stumbling blocks along the way eventually became the stepping stones that helped catapult her to a higher plane.

Few days ago, she gathered friends and family together for a simple and classy celebration as she turned 60. Her Omole Phase 1,Lagos home was turned into a temporary carnival of worship as songs of praise and edification rent the air. Rather than highlight the occasion with a display of pomp and grandeur which she is certainly capable of paying for, Judith chose to emphasize her thankfulness for the gift of life and a loving family.

In attendance were her inner circle of loyal friends who have enjoyed and endured the journey of life together for so many years. Members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God were not left out either as they trooped en masse into her Omole home to congratulate her on her big day. The CEO PISON Table Water and Hope Multipurpose Liquid Detergent was beaming with undisguised joy as she surveyed the gathering.

Despite her struggle in life , she’d taken deep roots in rocky soil and blossomed proudly into a stunning, tenacious flower. With her own steadfast determination leading her on, and the divine watching her back, Judith trod boldly through life’s terrain, safe in the knowledge that the rock of ages would cleft for her whenever she sought refuge from tremors she could not withstand.

Cordial and kind in equal measure, Judith is of the firm philosophy that caring for the less privileged is a responsibility that must be embraced by those with means. Sue has always stringed to live those words and her birthday was no less different. She used the opportunity to show those in selected homes some much needed love with showers of gifts. Judith is a trustee of the Ajoke Ayisat Afolabi Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to humanitarian outreach in local areas.

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