Kaiglo Launches Online Marketplace to Boost Local Brands

Emma Okonji

Kaiglo Stores Limited, a marketplace that seeks to bring consumer’s favourite market closer to them through online trading and help entrepreneurs build brand recognition, has launched operations in Lagos.

Speaking at the launch recently, co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Victor Chukwuebuka Eze, said Kaiglo remained an online marketplace with a unique proposition for fashion entrepreneurs and market traders, designed to grow local brands and bring people’s favorite market closer to them no matter the location.

According to Eze, “As you may have observed from our site which went live today, we have a market section and a section for promoting local brands.

“Our mission is to connect traders with credible portfolio and gifted entrepreneurs alike to our online marketplace and help them win a wider and loyal customer following from the comfort of their workplace.”

The CEO further disclosed that Kaiglo would strive to become the most reputable and credible platform to provide its users with affordable and authentic goods online, while giving its sellers the avenue to be transparent in their trade.

“There are some painpoints that buyers have complained about overtime. We are here to address these challenges to the best of our capabilities. For instance, Kaiglo wants to create an online market hub were several individuals can trade and engage in business activities.

“We also have the objective to develop a wide range of delivery network system across Nigeria that is built on efficiency, speed and customer values. You are aware that logistics is one of the issues that e-Commerce platforms face in Nigeria. We are going to be different,” Eze said.

Sharing idea on how they want to achieve efficient delivery network, the co-founder said: “Kaiglo only sees through the purchasing process between sellers and buyers, but orders gets delivered to the buyer without Kaiglo actually handling the physical product as we have several registered delivery service agents all networked into a single system to see through an effective and convenient means of order delivery. This business model helps reduces the risk that might be encountered during shipping of an order, it quickens delivery time, and it is cost effective.”

He explained that the platform would allow its sellers share their unique hyperlink or the URL generated when their store was created on various media advertisement channels.

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