Firm to Launch Mobile Advertising App


Ugo Aliogo

A FlinkBox is set to introduce a new incentive-based mobile advertising App designed to enhance engagement between brands and target consumers with the aim of boosting return on investment.

A statement by the company said Revv, was not only conceived to provide solution brands and marketers, but also the opportunity to connect with consumers directly, “on their mobile phones and also generate analytics for brands; as a measure to strengthen brand insights, drive marketing, drive sales, and increase long-term profitability.”

The Country Manager of FlinkBox, George Ugbegua, said the solution goes beyond just creating awareness, but provides brands the opportunity to create consideration and conversion through their ad campaign.

He explained that with Revv, brands have access to lead generation and consumer insight analysis report, which gives detailed analytics on individuals interested in the brand, “product or services. Revv generates leads for products or services through ads and targets audience based on preferred language.”

Ugbegua added: “Revv brands can place video based ads on the platform, carry out product survey and Retarget consumers who showed interest in their product or services through their ad campaign.”

The statement maintained that the App was also equipped with the capacity to deepen direct engagement between brands and consumers through feedback mechanism; trend surveys or video-based advertising, which allows brands the opportunity to get the attention of their target consumers and capture their interest on the go.

According to the statement: “The App, developed in Germany, was designed to reward subscribers with monetary values through ad views, game participation, and brand or trend surveys participation.

“These subscribers, also known as “Brand Assessors” are constantly incentivized monetarily as a pay-out for assessing brand campaigns. They also recruit friends through referral links to expand the base of our assessors.

“More than ever, brands now have the opportunity to communicate product and services to their target audience through mobile gadgets, while at the same time creating interest, fun and excitement for the consumers through financial incentives.

“Revv is well on course in redefining the face of mobile advertising in Nigeria and Africa at large with a system that enables brands to track and convert loyal customers through its retargeting mechanism based on interest, location, age, profession, language, time and gender.

“A unique thing with the Revv App when compared to other video ad distribution networks is that, despite the various values and benefits it comes with, it is affordable and guarantees definite view on ads; simply a win-win.

“Designed to make mobile advertising convenient and rewarding to brands, two forms of reports are provided to brands that place adverts on the Revv platform. These are; ‘The Basic Report,’ which shows result summary of the ad campaign such as impressions, definite views, reach, demographics, location, and others.”