Firm to Enhance Capacity in Mobile App Development

Emma Okonji

WePrototype Technologies, a company that provides technical support for app development across all industry sectors, has come up with a mobile app building services.

The solution is expected to address identified challenges and help entrepreneurs, especially senior professionals deliver on their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos to announce its mobile app services, its CEO, Mr. Mayowa Okegbenle, said the solutions were built using Google Flutter Software Development Kit and App Prototyping technique, which offer convenient payment plans for a salary earners.

According to him, Google Flutter is an open source mobile application development cross-platform framework that builds beautiful native apps for Android and iOS users in record time.

The company combines Prototyping Google and Flutter technology to build robust and fast mobile apps, that have a better chance of market success, thus enabling salary earners to launch a cost effective side project quickly.
“Executing an idea through a mobile app requires more than software development skills. It requires a whole lot of entrepreneurship experience and this is the first WePrototype advantage that is designed to address skills gap in mobile app development,” Okegbenle said.

“Prototyping is an early sample of the app where all adjustments are done, and perfections are made before finally building, and delivering the finished app to the client.
“The prototype guarantees perfection and satisfaction. Prototypes are perfect for concept testing, investor pitches and market testing’ Okegbenle, added.

One of its clients, Co-founder of VendorCredit, Seye Seton, in his testimony, said: “The team at WePrototype Technologies have been fantastic in getting my project off the ground, I didn’t have to worry about when they will deliver.

“Everything was done according to schedule. I am so happy with the app. It’s now time for me to execute my marketing plans.”
Seton, added that all app built by WePrototype Technologies, remained high performing, responsive, error free and completely native and operates seamlessly with device operating system.

Founded and built on the team’s years of business and technical expertise, WePrototype Technologies supports its clients with every technical support needed to scale their business idea by assuming the position of a technical co-founder, thus addressing skills gap challenge in mobile app development.

Speaking further, Head of Client Relations at WePrototype Technologies, Maureen Omage, said: “From experience, one reason why people don’t seek professional help is because of the cost implications. At WePrototype Technologies, our payment plans are unique. We craft individual payment terms that is convenient for every client. Our payment plan can span several weeks or months to coincide with salary payments or other income”.

The company’s focus is beyond building a perfect app. it is about taking an idea to the market and making sure it succeeds. Every start-up needs a very good technical co-founder that offers unique experiences to each client with the end users in mind and that is what WePrototype Technologies brings to the table. An experience that clients would not get from other Information Technology (IT) outlets who just want to build apps and deliver, Omage said.

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