Seun Kuti, Chris Uwaje, Others to be featured on Visual Collaborative

Seun Kuti, Chris Uwaje, Others to be featured on Visual Collaborative

As Ade Olufeko boldly delivers substance in a literary collective that would reverberate times over like Sade Adu classics, futurists observe the status quo and beyond buzzwords that weigh down some of the smartest Africans inside and outside her borders. Open your mobile devices to the mid-year issue of the Visual Collaborative open-access guest interviews.

Exploring topics on Business, Self Awareness, Youth Leadership, and more, this 2nd iteration will introduce people from all walks of life. An email from the Visual Collaborative public team expressed excitement and anticipation on the forthcoming June and September 2019 releases of Visual Collaborative.

Titled Voyager, the issue will be released on their website and the list of people for interviews are; Seun Kuti , Chris Uwaje , Anika Robbins, Fatima Al-Ansar, Marcie Rendon, Aramide Abe, Aya Chebbi, Berla Mundi, Dawn Okoro, William Seun Kentebe, Adey Haliu, Jardena Kifle, Jana St. Jaimes, Elozi Lomponda, Toyin Oshinowo , Ashim Egunjobi & Kemdi Begho , Brittany Albuquerque, Fiona Tokpe, Kate Worum & Jennifer Jorgensen, Yodith Dammlash, Funfere Kofoye, Efrat Cohen and Kaia Black – Washington D.C – Museum Project Manager.

Olufeko, who is Nigerian based, is a member of the Society For Neuroscience in Washington D.C. and the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, had announced he may leave the platform to expand socio-economic narratives on other cross-platform engines after one more Polaris’ release in November 2019. Olufeko’s thought leadership over the years has been leveraged to bridge the divide between millennials and older generations, bringing literacy of the creative industry and its different facets to the fore.

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