Adekunbi  Kuye: I’m A Plus-size Model and Body-Positive Advocate

Adekunbi  Kuye: I’m A Plus-size Model and Body-Positive Advocate

Adekunbi is a TV content producer who boldly celebrates the plus-size community, further making every woman of its kind proud. She is also the co-founder of The Extrapm Media and with over 10 years in the industry, she holds a bag of experience. Adekunbi talks to Tosin Clegg, about herself, content production, television, her journey and much more

Growing up in Yaba

I’m a young lady with a purpose. I’m always fun-filled and adventurous. I’m a plus-size model and body-positive advocate. I grew up in a small area of Yaba called Alagomeji. It’s small because everyone knows everyone. I was born into the Adekunle Kuye family of five, and I’m the second female child in the midst of four girls and a boy. My primary school was at International School of Lagos and at Our Lady of Apostles private school in Yaba. I proceeded to Wesley Girls High School, Yaba and finished in 2006. I studied Mass Communication and Broadcasting. 

My father wanted me to be a Lawyer and that’s because I was a very bright child, I spoke eloquently and boldly. Apparently, I had gotten admission to both NIJ and UNILAG at the same time, but for different courses. My father called me and asked if I wanted to study Law or Mass communication. I boldly said Mass Communication. He smiled and said I will support you. That was the beginning of my career journey. 

I had always prayed to be a part of the entertainment industry

My family played a big role in achieving this young girl’s dream. Since I was a little child, I have always hoped and prayed to be a part of the entertainment industry. It has been a success so far, after I made vital steps to walking in my dreams. I had always wanted to be in the Journalism world since forever. I remember sitting with my late grandma, Mrs. Abiodun Kuye to watch NTA news in the late 90’s, and whenever Aunty Ruth Benimesia Opia came up, I would turn to my grandma and say I want to be like her someday. At that time I didn’t necessarily want to be a Newscaster, but just be involved in the process of building a show and production details. My first ever on-screen job was with ESCOOPS on AIT in 2010 thereabouts; the show was owned by Jumoke Alao under Fibre Productions. I was a fashion presenter for two years and I remember being nervous, but I loved the planning of the show. Looking at then and now, I believe 70% of my dreams have come to life and I thank God immensely for the achievements. 

I started out unofficially as a writer on campus. Back then, I was paid N3,000 or so. It was little money to buy chocolate, but it boosted my interview skills. I remember my first interview was with Azizat, winner of AMBO. She was a delicious celebrity; she made my interview seem very smooth. I was later posted to Broad Street Journal, under Tell Magazine, as an intern. That was a major booster, for it was a ground that sharpened my investigative Journalism skills. I wrote feature stories and learnt most of my rudiment work on the go. You know, it was quite different from being in class. I later worked as an Entertainment Editor with Western Post Newspaper; I wrote a three-page piece called Sisi Ks Diary. It was a gist column and exclusive interviews for the Yoruba industry celebrities. On TV productions, I worked on GlamSquad TV in 2013, worked on other projects with AIT and STV, as a freelancer. Then proceeded to Ebonylife TV as an associate producer for the channel, for a couple of shows like ELNOW, Moments and Moments Nigeria and produced The Boot hosted by the energetic Denrele Edun and Frank Donga. In 2017, I ventured in entertainment event productions and promotions, my first ever event was Bags of Emotions with Ebiye the Comedian. I currently shoot documentaries, Talk shows and TV content for individuals, Brands and PR companies under TheExtrapm Media.

For me content is Key

The media is about documentation, which can be historical and referenced at any time. First, clients want quality job for cheap price, but I think my prices are affordable. The cost of owning basic equipment is quite a challenge, but if companies like Canon can help a growing brand like me and invest in our craft, it would be a plus to us. Market value and professionalism, Nigeria market is saturated with unprofessional people, who are ready to deliver the same job at a cheaper price, and this kills the market for us as industry professionals. As an individual, I try to give clients productions worth a value and not just anything. It’s for my own brand and sanity to have a good output than a low quality job. 

A client once arrested me

A client once arrested me because of their content. Getting to the station, the police officer just said I should come along with the hard drive, I boldly did. When it was played at the station the police loved the content and dismissed the case. You need to see the look on my client’s face. It was epic! I remember shooting a documentary for an NGO, and in the process of editing, my house was burgled and my hard drive and MacBook were stolen. It was a very painful experience, I had to reshoot the whole documentary, and the client gave me hell. As regard basic elements in production, first, you must have a great team to build a magical idea. As a producer, bringing your client’s idea to life is solely on you and your production output. This means I invest in like minds. In our industry, relationship is key. Anytime a client gives me a job, I sit with my team to strategise and map out a solid production. Secondly, invest in good equipment and post production manpower. This can’t be over emphasised, because even when you shoot with a million dollar worth of equipment and you don’t invest in professionals, you would run into problems, A little mistake makes an entire job look crappy and distasteful. I have learnt that always ensure all elements like sound and camera angles are placed accurately. 

I wish to tell true stories and project human issues to the world

I’m very particular about women and child issues. Besides that, I’m open to filming for interesting TV talk shows, Youtube content and documentaries for the international market. I also produce more entertainment event shows. I have worked on Action Health Incorporated project on sexual health among youths in selected communities in Lagos State. It was premiered at a conference in Uganda. I have also done entertainment event production for Bags of Emotions in 2017, Opening of Grandlux Restaurant in 2018, content production for Mercy Johnson’s talk show and Youtube channel, Glo Nation Social media video production and co-produced the Wanneka Super pack launch event in May 2019. I’m currently working on The Reverse of Longman, a comedy show happening in August this year at the Agip Hall in Muson Centre. Also, I have the one-week coronation event in Erimo Ijesha coming up.

The narrative has changed and it’s still changing

The content produced must be appealing to the targeted audience in terms of language, style of delivery, graphics, editing quality and value content. Well, most TV houses have converted to having their own channel on Youtube, which is free, and it’s more economical, since the cost of production is less. This way, they are able to reach out to everyone in the world. Some media outfits have app on the go. These are all alternative routes to reaching out to targeted audience. 

The fate of TV productions would increase positively

And that’s because the high demand of content producer would increase over the years. People have resorted to paying for videography and editing for their social media pages and channel. The more the innovation, the more people key into the opportunities and the higher productions demand. Very soon, I foresee a global media outreach with a changed narrative in content output. Also, foreign investors are keying into the African talent and stories, to stir a change of progression in the country.

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