Firm Pledges Cheap, Alternative Source of Power


Ugo Aliogo

The Country Manager, Eaton Nigeria, Temitayo Awojole, has expressed the desire of the company to provide cheap and alternative source of electricity through its Microgrid solution as part of measures to address the country’s power supply problems.

Awojole, who disclosed this at a meeting in Lagos, noted that the Microgrid solution is an automated system that manages different power assets to deliver optimal power, and ensure that customers get 24 hours of electricity. He further said that a key benefit of the solution is that it helps to save cost on energy supply whilst also protecting the environment.

“What we do with Microgrid is to harness all the available sources of energy such as utility, renewable sources then combine these sources in anenergy mix. The system is built on a logic that determines which source of energy is cheapest for a customer at any given point based on the demand curve, capex requirement, future needs, and time of use in order to ensure that there is reliable power,” he added.

Awojole, explained that presently, the company is prospecting for clients and also finalizing some transactions with customers who are interested inMicrogrid solution.

He added that in a bid to penetrate the market, the company has invested in training its personnel in Nigeria to be able to deploy the solutions, “we have been able to bring technical information to advise customers and prospects on the appropriate energy solution, the benefits and the applicability”.

According to him, “We are currently looking at developing solutions for Data Center Infrastructure, real estate and hospitality businesses. This is because utility in Nigeria, that is, the central grid or PHCN as we know it is not reliable. We are therefore trying to provide an alternative energy mix, that will be cheaper and aid production, but most especially reliable and efficient.

“We have solutions that cut across all the sectors of the economy, and one of our key segment is oil and gas. We are also trying to grow other segments of the market to provide sustainable solutions. So far we are getting more prospects than what we did last year. This is encouraging and shows that more businesses are beginning to see the need for Microgrid as an effective source of energy. We will continue to gradually bring solutions that will be more beneficial to businesses and the economy as a whole.

“The feedback we got from the conference today is that people who have in the past relied solely on 24hours electricity from diesel Gensets, are now looking at various options for saving energy costs, and if provided with a solution that is both reliable and cost efficient; then they are sold on it.

Microgrid fits perfectly in such situations and with our background of successful micro grid deployment in South Africa, we believe that much can be achieved in Nigeria too”