Zamfara and Its ‘Legal Aliens’

Adams Oshiomhole

Reacting to last week’s Supreme Court judgment on the elections of Zamfara State, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole said the nation’s apex court had only imposed strangers on the state by virtue of the judgment. He spoke as a pained and disappointed party leader under whom the disaster befell the APC.

Unfortunately, it is only in the eyes of Oshiomhole that the people so announced as winners of the Zamfara elections were strangers. But before the constitution and other extant laws of the land, they are “legal aliens”, whose ascendancy to power was made possible by the impunity and indiscretion of the APC leadership as well as its lack of emotional intelligence to lead a national organisation with a high degree of unpredictability in terms of the tendencies of members.

But rather than point fingers at the Supreme Court or apportion blame to anyone else, it behooves Oshiomhole to first admit being a major accomplice in the ill-fate that befell the Zamfara APC and begin a process of self-reappraisal with a view to repositioning the party and ensuring ‘one house’ otherwise the challenges that lie ahead are bigger than he could ever imagine and might consume his already troubled leadership, ultimately.