Foundation Embarks on Fight against Child Sexual Abuse


Mary Nnah

In honour of this year’s Children’s Day celebration, the Cece Yara Foundation is embarking on a grassroot campaign to further promote awareness on Child Advocacy.

The CECE YARA Foundation is a leading Nigerian NGO focused on protecting children against sexual abuse. Established in 2016, the foundation seeks to combat the menace of child sexual abuse by providing preventive initiatives, projects and offering immediate, physical, medical, mental, and legal aids to survivors.

Since inception, this foundation has continued to record victories in its war against child sexual abuse in Nigeria with the successful apprehending and prosecution of sexual offenders.

Cece Yara has continued to expand its charitable activities via key collaborations with government and private agencies in ensuring that the Nigerian Child is safe and justice is served where required.

It therefore craves individuals to join in its efforts as it continue to forge ahead in sensitising parents, teachers, and the society in general on being our children’s keepers and making our society safe for children, reaching out to the affected (survivors) with the message of medical help, justice and succour.