Ademola Adeleke Waxes Stronger in Osun Politics

Ademola Adeleke

Olumide Lawal

When has it become a crime to contest for an election to become the governor of Osun State, in which Senator Ademola Adeleke, gave a good account of himself through the grace of God and massive support of the patriotic and true citizens of Osun State on September 22, 2018? The various ordeals to which Senator Ademola Adeleke is harshly subjected to by some agents of provocations for no just cause, without taking into consideration, the various on-going legal battles in various courts of competent justification, call to mind, the abandonment of the rule of law, by those concerned using state apparatus to act some people’s scripts, in order to give a dog a bad name,“ just to have an excuse to hang it.

This by the grace of God, is not applicable to Adeleke, who by God’s grace, will get his mandate, freely given to him by the good people of Osun State, through judicial process and God’s everlasting grace.

If for the certainty of reclaiming his mandate through judicial process, some people are having sleepless nights, so may it be for them till eternity. Nobody can change God’s promise for Ademola Adeleke to reach his ordained goal. If the trend of subverting the rule of law is what some “men of power” want to embark upon to cow down Ademola Adeleke, they have failed. They should be ready to prepare enough rooms to detain and accommodate more than 300,000 Osun patriotic people that voted for Senator Ademola Adeleke on September 22, 2018. The spirits of these well-wishers, like that of Ademola Adeleke, are Unbreakable. Ademola Adeleke will emerge triumphant with dignity through judicial process. He is a “cat with nine lives”

As said in Quran 4: 135. “O ye who believe, be ye staunch in justice, witnesses for Allah, even though it be against yourselves or your parents or your kindren. Whether the case be of a rich man or a poor man, for Allah is nearer unto both, than ye are. So follow not passion, lest ye lapse from truth and if ye lapse or fall away, then Lo! Allah is ever informed of what ye do”.

This is a food for thought for all Senator Ademola Adeleke persecutors, who will stop at nothing to give “a dog a bad name, just to hang it”.

Ademola Adeleke is “unhangable”; “unmolestable”. And he will continue to rise high above all the on-going political pettiness against him by his vile and mean traducers. Nobody can stop the sun from rising. So it is that nobody can stop Ademola Adeleke from reaching his destined goal through the grace of God and judicial process. He was so underated at the September 22, 2018 governorship election with the 3rd position. But he came first. God works in miraculous ways, His wonders to perform.

The likes of Senator Ademola Adeleke did not just stumble into politics. His paternal grandmother, Madam Adeboyin was one of the outstanding Iyalodes of Edeland. She was effervescent, vibrant and outstanding in the discharge of her duties during her reign. Ademola Adeleke great grandfather, Baba Mohammed Awwal Abanikanda Adeleke, was a pillar of strength behind the growth of Islam in Edeland in the 30s. So for Senator Ademola Adeleke traducers: “aba ni ikan won nda, ikan kan o le mu okuta. It is all rantings of an ant”.

Ademola Adeleke’s father was the Balogun of Edeland and a distinguished Senator of the second republic. And the icing on the cake! The family also produced the first executive governor of Osun State and later a Senator, in person of late, evergreen Asiwaju Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke. All these are through the grace and mercy of God. And if for these sterling achievements, some people are not comfortable, may God touch their hearts.

Against all odds, Senator Ademola Adeleke will triumph and reach his God ordained destiny. God is your strength Ademola Adeleke. No weapon fashioned against you and all your well-wishers shall prosper. But why the high-beat desperation on the parts of his persecutors without any just cause? Why chasing the shadow? All the 11th hour, deft moves by some people shall come to nothing. They should allow the on-going legal process to play out to the fullest. Ademola Adeleke is desirous to lift Osun to greater heights and economic prosperity, when by God’s grace and instrumentality of the judiciary he is pronounced the governor of Osun State. The Ademola Adeleke project is God’s own project and it is God that is fighting the political cause for him.

There is nothing more difficult to carry out; not more doubtful of success to handle, than to initiate a new order of things as Senator Ademola Adeleke has in his blueprint for Osun. For the reformer has enemies in all, who profit by the old order and only lukewarm defenders in all those, who would profit by the new order. This lukewarmness arises, partly from fear of the adversaries, who have the law in their famous and partly from incredibility of mankind, who do not truly believe in anything new, until they have had actual experience of it.

Senator Ademola Adeleke, through the grace of God and favourable judicial pronouncement will breath a new lease of life into Osun State, with No Victor, No Vanquished. Life More Abundant To All. Ademola Adeleke is above board and beyond reproach. Let those concerned in the on-going scenario allow the rule of law to play out without fully.

This is to counsel Senator Ademola Adeleke supporters to remain unruffled and unperturbed. They should not be demoralized, but rather have their spirits lifted high, as the waiting shall not be long for them to reap bountifully from their efforts of September 22, 2018.

For umpteenth time, let us alert the people of conscience, to tell Ademola Adeleke antagonists, that no harm, injury or mental agony should come his way by those acting behind the scene to distract him. The Raji Ayoola Adeleke family to which Senator Ademola Adeleke belongs are still pained, like million others, by the sudden death of their illustrious son and first executive governor of Osun State, late Senator Isiaka Adeleke of blessed memory, which they have taken as God’s will and would not want any avoidable tragedy to happen to any of their own again or anybody for that matter.

Hence, Senator Ademola Adeleke should be left alone to pursue his political career without let or hindrance. The sky is wide enough for thousands of birds to fly, without inconveniencing themselves. Senator Ademola Adeleke, a politician with good heart and beautiful soul, waxes stronger, fresher and perfectly focused o serve God and humanity, iconically and heroically, as he is already the central issue in Osun politics.

Ademola Adeleke says Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim faithful all over the world, particularly our amiable President Muhamadu Buhari and his family.

––Lawal, wrote from Ede, Osun State.