Patrick and Ireti Doyle Back Together?

To be or not to be? That is the question. Or at least it is for ace broadcaster Patrick Doyle and his estranged wife, veteran actress Ireti Doyle. Over a year ago, news broke that Ireti, fed up with Patrick’s nonchalant attitude towards the marriage, had packed her bags and left their matrimonial home.

Patrick wouldn’t be the man he is if he hadn’t had to fight to get where he is. So, of course, he fought to regain the love of the disenchanted Ireti. Sources tell of how he went to great lengths to convince the multiple award-winning screenwriter and silver screen star that he has learnt from his mistakes and turned over a new leaf. And it seemed like Ireti finally buckled and decided to give him another chance.

A few days ago, the veteran entertainer shocked everyone with a sensational post on social media site Instagram where he acknowledged his fault in the crash of their marriage and vowed that old things have passed away as he seeks a new beginning with Ireti.

In the lengthy and emotional post, he called the Tinsel star “without a doubt, the most generous woman I know, a dependable friend, a loyal ally and the most loving and sensual woman ever.” He also praised her for releasing him “from the dog house and reinstate me as Master of their home”, he explained.”

As jubilant messages of support and congratulations poured in amid the apparent reconciliation of one of high society’s most endearing power couple, one question kept recurring at the back of some people’s minds: Where is Ireti? Those expecting her to make a corroborating post or comment have been left disappointed. She hasn’t uttered a sound days after her husband’s reconciliation post.

This has led many to speculate that there’s more than meets the eye about the development. Some see Ireti’s lingering silence as a portent of her true feelings regarding the state of things, saying they might be coming together again to present a united front for their children and not out of genuine rekindled affection.

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