Mobolaji Sanusi: The Czar of Outdoor Advertising

Mobolaji Sanusi

Mobolaji Sanusi

You know as a practitioner, I have been watching very closely the activities of this agency under this chap. The Lagos LASAA, has been undergoing tremendous changes especially since Mobolaji Sanusi took over the reins. You know me, I really do not heap praises any how o. I am a one-man riot squad with these things but when person see something good I need to shout.

It is not criticize and yab all the time, we need to be encouraging the few that are doing things. The sanity and orderliness in our outdoor industry especially with the strict regulation cannot be overlooked. I watched very closely the electioneering and apart from the slight matter that involved the PDP candidate and my brother Edgal there was clear near perfect impartiality in the agency’s approach to its duties. I hear staff welfare has never been this good, the effectiveness and efficiency in the way they engage their publics has never been this good.

The one that has really caught my attention is the significant reduction in visual blight. That is the control of the rash of posters and banners all over the Lagos metropolis. Today we have some level of sanity which has contributed to the decency we see in some streets. Well, all I can say is well done sir and keep up the good work. Thank you.

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