Firms Launch Tech Learning Centre


STEMCafe, in partnership with ENYO Retail and Supply, officially launched a creativity play space for kids in Lagos, a non-linear learning centre for kids and young adults between the ages of 5 -18 years old.
The initiative is to enable the kids experience amazing world of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) in a fun and interactive way.

The STEMCafe, a brainchild of the CEO and Founder of CcHUB, Mr. Bosun Tijani, was designed to showcase the various engaging activities that will help the kids develop lifelong learning and interest in STEM.
“At the Cafe, the kids will spend time creating various projects and a wide array of fun interactive activities as well as design and print 3D models to experiment with amazing creations and ideas, all under the guidance of trained STEM educators.
“In the modern global economy, STEM is closely linked with a nation’s economic prosperity. Nations who have become global leaders, in large part, have done so through the genius and hard work of its scientists, engineers and innovators. “Nigeria’s position will continue to decline unless more kids pursue expertise in STEM fields,” Tijani said.

He added that Nigeria must expand the capacity and diversity of the STEM workforce pipeline to prepare the younger generation for the best jobs of the future that will see Nigeria become innovative, secure and competitive.

According to him, “There is an urgent need for an extensive application of scientific and technological breakthroughs to leapfrog development across Africa. Exposing our young people to STEM at an early age is one sure way of building a generation of innovators and thinkers who will sustain and strengthen the evolving position of Africa in the world.

“I am extremely excited to once again contribute to building a fun platform that will build a new generation of leaders for science and technology across Africa through the STEMCafe.”

Speaking on the partnership, the CEO of Enyo Retail and Supply, Mr. Abayomi Awobokun, said: “We believe the two organisations are partnering because we believe in learning and creating a conducive learning environment for young people, specifically learning around science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“We see the linkages; we like the partnership with STEMCafe, and together we will support the capacity of our younger generation in STEM towards the growth of the continent.”
The Chief Financial Officer, Enyo Retail and Supply, Fernando Madeira, said: “Enyo Retail and Supply continues to set the technology trend in the oil and gas industry with the launch of the STEMCafe – incorporating innovative technology and cutting edge initiatives as a truly modern company well interested in the well-being and future of their community.”