Why the Righteous Must Contest and Win elections – Cleric


Mary Nnah

The senior pastor, God’s Kingdom Christian Centre International, Dr. John Kome, has said Nigerians must elect “righteous” people into places of authorities in the forthcoming elections.

He posited that at end, the citizens would rejoice in the abundance of peace that comes with the wisdom with which the godly persons rule.

Kome, who at the moment is vying for a position in the Lagos House of Assembly as a representative for the Ikeja Constituency 1 in the March 2 election under the African Democratic Congress (ADC) party, said Nigerians are mourning presently due to the various pains that the present leaders have inflicted on them.

He said therefore that what Nigerians need at the moment are righteous leaders who will liberate them from the clutches of the wicked rulers.

“Don’t forget that the Bible says, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked rules, the people mourn.”

“And I want to ask: are Nigerians rejoicing or mourning presently? They are mourning of course. And they need the righteous in power and that is why righteous men must contest and win the elections in Nigeria.

“Are you aware that when God created man, he gave man the authority to govern the earth, so if God gave man the power to govern the earth, why must a pastor not govern his domain? So a pastor must be the right person to go into politics”, the cleric noted.

Speaking further, Kome said, “I must also add that a lot of people have asked why I am going into politics because a lot of people have the impression that whoever goes into politics, goes there for money or fame.

“So, I tell them that I am not going there for money or popularity because by the grace of God, I have both. I am comfortable and I am popular. I have travelled around almost all the countries in the world and I have affected lives positively.”

Asked how he was going to maintain his status as a pastor while in politics, he said, “it is an error that when people go into that politics they change. To be very candid without any prejudice to anybody or any party, there is a man called Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State.

“He came into power as a righteous man, worked as a righteous man and also left as a righteous. And a lot of Nigerians agree that the man was righteous. So if there is any spirit that changes people whenever they enter that politics, I think Peter Obi has not changed. And there are other people that have gone into governance and came out pure.

“Therefore, if any one changes when he/she get into power, it is the spirit that they entered into power with that keeps changing them to become worse.

“So if you go into politics with the spirit of God, the spirit of God follows you right there and while in governance, the spirit of God determines what you do out there.

“So I am not going into politics to forget where I came from. For 40 years I have been a pastor and for 40 years I have been doing righteous things; the spirit of the almighty God has been leading me all along.
“So are you telling me that for just four years that I’m going to be in politics that what God has done in my life for 40 years would just be erased because there is a spirit in politics?

“It is the spirit of God that is leading me to go and help humanity and it is the spirit of God that is going to control me when I am there. So the issue of being controlled by one demon or occult power when I am there is out of it”, he said.