The Duke : ‘I Belong to All and No One’

sanwo olu

Abi, no be so baba talk am for 2015? I had a long conversation with a friend deep in the APC machinery in Lagos and her revelation was shocking. Apparently, I have been declared PDP and that I am being regarded as one within the APC circles. See as people want to come and increase my land use tax and PHCN bill when eventually Sanwo-Olu is crowned.

I belong to no one o. Let me shout o! I am not PDP. I don’t even know what their logo looks like o. Please help me photocopy this column and show Tinubu, Sanwo-Olu, Osinbajo, Amaechi and the rest of them that today, I declare that I am not PDP in any way, form or PVC. I don’t know them and have never attended any of their rallies. No wonder Osinbajo has not sent Tradermoni to me, No wonder my PHCN bill is so high. Na N40,000 I pay last month. They say ‘join APC and get all your sins forgiven’, na true.

My people you see, no be to join PDP be the wahala, but after what we have gone through in the last four years do you blame anybody if like the children of Israel after seeing suffer in the desert beg to be taken back to Egyptian bondage? This change they promised us since 2015 na different kind of change o. It has changed everything with kwashiorkor being our lot and our teenage daughters turning into prostitution to provide food for whole families.

Yes, I kid you not, that is what this change has turned us into: a country of prostitutes. So for me it is not in the labelling, APC or PDP it is in securing our lives literally. In Nigeria we do not talk about future again, there is no future, it is today. So if it is because of my shout for better governance instead of ‘na ya fault’ governance that APC has given us since 2015, I am being labelled PDP, no problem.

Make I be PDP and if PDP enter and also do this kind thing we are seeing, we will also shout and kick them out. So my dear, I am not PDP o, and certainly not APC but a true Nigerian with the right to seek and demand good governance and not to be fooled and still expect me to say thank you after rubbing my mouth in the mud for the past three and a half years in the name of change. Thank you.