Dignity And Class As Sisi Modupe Sagoe Celebrates 77


There is nothing gorgeous about being draped in the finery that constricts the heart and soul. Modupe Sagoe understands this priceless fact hence her predilection for modesty and humility. The ravishing socialite who is reputed for her quiet demeanour effortlessly exudes dignity and class; the woman who projects as the nucleus and undying essence of the social scene even before contemporary celebrities were born, recently turned 77 and like a woman of true character and quiet nobility, she elected to celebrate her anniversary as a low-key affair.

It was a splurge of festivities at her Yaba, Lagos residence, where Sisi Dupe celebrated her birthday. The roll call of guests included family members, friends, top government functionaries and professional colleagues.

Sisi Dupe is regarded as one of the notable matriarchs within the Lagos social establishment. Over the last few decades, she has proved to be the only fabric merchant in Nigeria, who boasts of having a solid and rich clientele base. Virtually most, if not all notable society women, source for their lace fabrics from her.

One tends to appreciate the enterprising spirit in this ageless society matriarch when one understands that she has dominated the textile industry for over fifty years. Not only are her wares exclusive, they are also durable.

Till date, she remains the only African textile merchant who has been honoured by most of the textile firms in Switzerland and Australia. One of the greatest honours bestowed on her was the branding of the popular HOH Swiss headgear, Gele Sagoe, with her name.

There is something about Sisi Dupe that makes you want to know her better and love her the more. Maybe it is the smile, the seeming mother-figure personality, or her tendency to always make you feel special. Sisi Dupe’s disposition is such that after spending an hour with her, one would feel one has known her for ages.

She wears humility like a garment, the way the society women wear her fabrics. This is the hallmark of her personality, and it has won her many admirers within the society. A staunch member of the Anglican Communion, Sisi Dupe attends the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina.

She once served as the President of the Busy Bees Association of the church. Social-wise, Sisi Dupe is one of the most featured personalities within the Nigerian society. She is also an embodiment of style. Only few society women get it right when it comes to tying their headgears. And Sisi Dupe is one of such ladies

Sisi Dupe is not just addressed as Sisi by her admirers for nothing. She is from the Thomas family of Lagos Island, and she is very proud of her roots. Her step mother was the granddaughter of the late Candido Da Rocha, one of the business moguls who dominated the Nigeria’s business sector during the earliest part of last century.

Her marriage to Taiwo Sagoe, the highly respected lawyer and entrepreneur, who died in December 2012 at the age of 85, was blessed with three children – Ekua Abudu-Akinsanya, Kofi Sagoe and Araba Morakinyo; and several grand-children.