NCC Warns against Buying Preregistered SIM   


The Deputy Director, Consumer Affairs (Protection  Advocacy Group), National Communications Commission (NCC), Mr.Bamiji Ojo, has warned against engaging in buying Preregistered SIM cards, saying the dangers inherent in it are enormous. He also warned that anybody who used preregistered SIM which had been used to commit crime would pay dearly for it if caught. He gave the warning at  the 102nd edition of Consumer Outreach Programme(COP) with  the theme, ‘Mitigating Effects of Cybercrimes: Roles of Telecoms Consumers’, held at the Mapo Hall, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

While urging all and prospective subscribers to register their SIM cards before using them, he stated that with registration the SIM has become that of the person that registered it which cannot be tampered with. He said, “Don’t use preregistered SIM. Don’t buy it. Someone must have used it to carry out crimes and return it. If you buy it and you’re caught you will be held responsible.Go and register your SIM. Nobody can use your SIM because your face and fingerprint are not the same with others.” Ojo also allayed the fear that base stations and masts caused ailments and kill those staying closer to the facilities, saying “base stations don’t kill. Without it we can’t communicate. Today ,there has been some negative public perceptions and conceptions about telecoms consumers of electromagnetic radiation. It does not cause cancer.” On his part, the Deputy Director, Consumer Affairs Bureau of NCC,  Alhaji Ismail Adedigba, said the commission understand the importance of  critical stakeholders in the industry.