Lexon Set to Conquer US Market with Innovative Technology Products


French brand Lexon is set to conquer the United States market with innovative technology products as it participates for the first time at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which opened on Tuesday this week in Las Vegas, US. The company promised to introduce its new collection of lifestyle and tech objects.

With 27 years in existence, more than 180 design awards, numerous collaborations with some of the most prestigious designers, presence in 90 countries and more than 6,000 point of sales including the legendary MoMa Store, Lexon has established itself as a worldly-known brand, designing timeless everyday objects spanning across various categories such as speakers, clocks, radios, watches, lamps, office accessories and luggages.

While attending CES Las Vegas for the first time, Lexon is fiercely expanding its US sales activity, being listed by the most prestigious retailers such as Bloomingdales and many more to come.

After successfully selling more than 500,000 pieces of its Mino speaker in Europe, Lexon said it is proud to unveil its 2019 collection at CES, thereby affirming its new ambition to position and differentiate itself within the consumer technology market, with lifestyle products that combine iconic design, innovation and affordable price.

Mino X is latest addition to Lexon’s best-selling line, which is Mino and the world’s smallest floating Bluetooth speaker. Boasting a compact design, a bouncing rubber finishing and an IP67 water resistance, Mino X is a mini yet full-featured portable speaker that acts as the perfect sound companion to bring everywhere with you, even by the pool.

It is the world’s smallest Bluetooth speaker that fits in the palm of your hand and deliver an outstanding sound quality.
It is also showcasing its Oblio products that keep your eyes away from the screen while charging and sanitising your phone. This vase-looking Qi wireless charging station will charge smartphone clean and perfect.
Lexon us also showcasing its solar technology solution that meets design and illuminate interior from window with Hellonite solar powered wireless lamp.

Lexon is part of BOW Group, a global player in lifestyle consumer products, operating worldwide in the design, wearables, connected vehicles and smart home markets with its four brands: MyKronoz, Lexon, RoadEyes and Deconnect.