Firm Introduces Block Chain Marketing of Sanitary Kit, Sisibox

BeepMAGNET International Group, an indigenous firm with global outreach, has introduced a unique Block Chain marketing strategy that offers women a combination of sanitary kit and financial reward.

The Chief Executive Officer of BeepMAGNET International Group, Gilead Onyedika Okolonkwo said the whole mission was to provide quality information and processes of financial empowerment ideas that would bring together individuals from various walks of life to participate in the vision.

He described BeepMAGNET International Group as a conglomerate of different business entities, all focused on eCommerce and Blockchain Technology; BeepPay System and Technologies Limited, BeepEstates Limited, BeepMarket, Beep- Travel and Tours Ltd, BeepHealthCare Limited, BeepXchange Limited, Beep eLearning Academy, MobGames, Sisibox, FastCredit Africa and Simple Merchant.
Speaking about two products/projects, he said are very important, and challenged everyone, saying the vision was achievable. “For as many that are interested in this vision, we are willing to work together to make it a reality.”

Gilead said at the last Africa Union conference that held in Morocco, national leaders talked about the ease to pursue what is termed the African Development Goal Initiative. “The reason is that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Africa Union is focused on 2063. But if we fold our arms and add to our age what we have now, many of us will be very old. The question is how we are going to count every day that passes by to achieve the SDG for an African Initiative. To this end some key points were highlighted, and among these is integration of inter-trade.

“Secondly, it was emphasised that Africans must look inwards to see what they can do for Africa. The time has come for us to look inwards because here we have a lot of challenges; the truth still remains that here in Africa we are a young continent, with average population that range between 17 years and 34 years, which shows that we are a young continent.”

He said the intra-trade opportunities available among African countries are very low and that it was the reason many western continents were interested in Africa.
Okolonkwo said his company has developed a product called Sisibox, stating that “the truth is that quantum technology is what will take to leapfrog Africa from where it is to the next. We missed out on industrial age, but now Quantum Technology is the new thing, but how prepared are we? Many of us have been carried away with one product or programme and the next without looking in-depth. Sometimes too, because of our enthusiasm, we always come in at the late hour. All of these are going to be corrected.”

Introducing the product, he said as an organisation, BeepMAGNET International Group is focused on making blockchain technology a household name to solve Africa’s problem. This was part of what they proposed in the Declaration which was done in the African Development Goals Initiative. It includes mapping of natural resources in Africa, which was endorsed, adding that he was “the chairman of the committee to make this possible because of the impact we have created and because of the cases our organisation has put in place to prove that this is possible.”
He emphasised the important role women can play in the family, adding that if they succeeded in attracting women to the block chain space, then the younger generation would automatically embrace the Block Chain technology.

For it to succeed, he said they designed a unique and simple masterpiece which comes from the perspective of that need that is connected to every woman, irrespective of their tribe, race or nationality and has to be what is peculiar to every woman, every month, which is their monthly flow.
“So, SisiBox has designed an all in one ladies’ sanitary care that is premium in the sense that it is all inclusive, an ion which means it helps fight infection and bacteria. Secondly, it has wonderful panty-liners and then it has an ovulation strip that is connected to it; one combo pack has all of these and there is no product in the market that has these three combinations.
To make it more interesting, his organisation added a loyalty voucher to it, which means that wherever you see Sisi sanitary kit, there is something inside of it.

The product, he said would be on the streets in Nigeria in January next year and after that they intend to scale up to other parts of Africa, and thus welcomed individuals and organisations that are interested to be part of it.
He said his company pioneered Block Chain merchant and consumer tokens, a unique system that will tokenise every loyalty that exists in the world, which means that “if I buy any product from any merchant and they give me BMC token, I can use the BMC token in any place anywhere in the world. That is quite unique. So, what we want to achieve is to see a million people enrolled in SisiBox between now and January.”

The financial impact, he said was clear, considering that they had two business plans, one of which connects with individuals who have the means to become their authorised distributors, while the other has to do with individuals who will become their affiliate partners.

He said authorised distributors are in two categories, the retailers and the mega distributors, who are expected to make payment to get issue rights; they are the only one authorised to distribute SisiBox products. “With the price we are going to give to you, you are going to make marginal markup, whether they are people you registered or not. Also, anybody that walks into a distributor’s shop and buys SisiBox will make a marginal profit right from the point of purchase. “If you’re the one that registered that individual and the person goes home and scanned the QR Code through our application, you also make commission. No company has designed this. We created a use kit that makes it easy for every woman to make an average of about N8.4 million every four months just by recommending people to use SisiBox.”

Gilead said they have created an online market place, a portal that manages all of these like a store/shop and “all you need is to subscribe and invite all your friends to subscribe and buying Sisi Box activates this market place and it is also complementary.”

He said it takes N6,000 to activate Sisi Box, stating that the amount gives access to “a premium business, a premium automated platform and that at the same time there is a free premium automated pack that you can pick from any of the accredited locations.”
The way it works, he said is that “once you sign up, you invite 30 of your friends and teach them to also share the news that there is a new sanitary product that is set to hit the market and that now is the time for them to activate their market space by registering with you.”

He said when the beginning of the product’s sale is announced; they should go to any of the accredited locations and buy. “When they buy the products, it activates the market place where they can start making money. Every other individual who registers with your link and buys the product activates his market place and you make money. In addition to that, every activation and every purchase of SisiBox you also get the BMCT reward token. This token will revolutionalise the world; nothing, as we speak is equitable to this token.”
He said they want to build leaders across the country and then scale up internationally, advising people to sign up and invite their friends. “By January, walk up to the accredited stores, buy SisiBox product, open it and scan the code and that is the gateway for you to become financially empowered.”

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