National President of ASUU, Prof Abiodun Ogunyemi

I will never stop singing this song. This is the only solution. Privatize them and all will be well. People will be saying if they do that, the cost of tertiary education will go up. It’s not true; students are already paying exorbitant fees illegally.

They are buying handouts, settling to be registered, paying not to be sexually harassed and all sorts of illegal fees just to get a useless degree. So why not privatize the damn things and free up major resources for infrastructural development.

The ASUU like their big cousin NLC are dragons who have been left behind by modern times. Look in better countries, there is no flat salary for lecturers, your pay is pegged on the amount of grants you attract and number of students who register for your courses.

These ones will just be sitting down there with their scraggy beards and be waiting for government subvention and when that does not come they will shout strike. Mbok, let’s call their bluff, they can strike for all they want. The education system is already comatose even when they are not on strike so what is the difference? Do they even know what time is it? Please federal government should list the universities on the stock exchange and sell their shares to raise enough capital to fund them. Thank you.