SCSP Partners Global Firms on  Capacity Building, Others


Operational Risk Management firms, Safety Consultant and Solutions Provider (SCSP),  in conjunction with NFPAWA, has sealed an agreement with its foreign partners, Leader Group and Johnson Controls, to boost industry knowledge on fire safety procedure and solutions in a capacity building programme.

The initiative became imperative to address  wide gap in skills and  knowledge on security risk management  as well as poor safety culture in the formal and informal sectors of the economy.

Technical Director of  SCSP, and Lead Consultant for NFPAWA,  Anthonia Beri, noted that while regulations and code of practice for fire safety exist, a lot of people are not aware or have no indepth knowledge of  how to relate them, hence the country continued to wallow in huge human and material avoidable loss, while economy stability remained threatened.

Beri noted that  Nigeria’s strategic position in the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS),  region, required that it protects her resources and investment jealously through effective operational risk management for economic sustainability.

“Operational Risk Management is the key to strategic and sustainable growth for any company, country or institution. With the African Union  2063 Agenda, Nigeria is called upon as champions of industries and nations to ensure capacity development in this core area for sustainability cross border trade and integration,as Africa seeks to operate on one platform.

“This is a daunting task requiring extensive capacity development in managing risk towards the continents growth. There is no sustainable growth without operational risk management. Our economy is as strong as we manage the components in our risk basket. Operational risk is a major risks that falls under the control of the operator.”

To this end, she stated that there was urgent need to maintain a very highest standards of fire safety management.

She added that the initiative was conceived out of the company’s  commitment for economic growth and as part of its corporate social responsibility goals.

Speaking further on the programme billed for 23rd and 28th of November, 2018, she said: “The programme sought to drive compliance to codes and standards, use of modelling tools and also best engineering practice based on codes. 

“This will be happening at the new Capacity Development center recently opened by Lagos Business school.

“The joint capability between NFPAWA and SCSP seeks to drive sustainability through risk mitigation via best risk management practices based on compliance, codes and best practice. 

“This is therefore the time to drive niche specific knowledge in life & fire Safety, environmental sustainability as well as security and cyber risk management.” 

She indulged all to take advantage of the free to attend programme that promised to offer short and long- term benefits to  individual, businesses and government institutions.