WIMBIZ Set to Reinvigorate, Empower Women

Participants at the WIMBIZ annual conference

Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ), a non-profit organisation that has over the last 17 years, is set to reinvigorate and empower women across board.

Over the years, the board has implemented programs that inspire, empower and advocate for greater representation in leadership positions in the public and private sector for women.

WIMBIZ vision is to be the catalyst that elevates the status and influence of women and their contribution to nation building.

Thus, the annual conference flagship event which holds in November of every year is attended by over 1,500 women across the world.

The year, the event had outstanding dignitaries in attendance, including the US Consul General, F. John Bray; Managing Director, Bovas and Company Limited, Mrs. Victoria Sampson; Vice President and Area Business Head, West Africa, Master Card, Mrs Omokehinde Adebanjo; Founder Zaron Cosmetics, Mrs Oke Maduewusi; Founder, The Dorcas Foundation, Dr. Dayo Joseph and host of others.

The conference featured keynote addresses, plenaries and deep dive sessions topics such as Entrepreneurship, Business Branding, Professional Development, Continuous Learning, Work-Life Balance, happiness, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health, Personal Finance, Nutrition, Leadership; and the Technology Take Over.

Other features such as Speed Networking Breakfast Session, where participants were taught how to construct their elevator pitch and then given the opportunity to meet 15-20 people in a predefined time frame.

This years’ theme ʽʽUnstoppable You: Reinvent and Reinvigorate, according to a welcome speech issued by the Chairperson, Executive Council WIMBIZ, Mrs. Olubunmi Aboderin-Talabi, and also
Publisher, Clever Clogs, was thoughtfully crafted with a deliberate goal in mind: to inspire, encourage and empower women as they build up their resilience and press ahead with reaching their goal.

According to her, ʽʽeach of the plenary sessions was designed to explore the attitude, the aptitude or the anatomy required to be unstoppable and why we need to deliberate about setting aside time to refresh and reinvigorate.
“Human physiology and psychology are pliant, given the right circumstances, inducement and with the requisite, proclivity, we can train ourselves to be unstoppable in our chosen endeavour.ʼʼ

During the plenary section, Founder Healthy Living Services, Dr. Ifeyinwa Nwakwesi, shed light on nutrition and integrated medicine as it enhances ones emotional, physical and emotional wellbeing.

ʽʽMental and emotional balance is important to enhance happiness, a lot of women need tender, loving care and don’t deserve to be sex starved.

“Take water rich foods such as vegetables and fruits; urge your husbands to do so, as your health is your priority and God-given gift,” she said.

Speaking on the significance of exercise to healthy living, CEO, Tri-State Cardiovascular Institute, Prof. Kamar Adeleke, urged women to endeavor to do early morning exercise rigorously and with ease to avoid sudden death.

He explained that, “cigarette smoking needs to be reduced because it damages the lungs. Take plenty of water and cut down the intake of carbohydrate and sleep well.ʼʼ

Following concerns on the topic: Leadership; not just a title, the Founding Partner Ajumogobia and Okeke, Mr. Odein Ajumogobia explained in a statement that a leader is an influencer and organiser of the institution he or she operates.

“You have to show humility and not compromising standards. The passion you have will ignite the fire in you. As a good leader you must not underrate your followers hence; make sure everything reports to the bottom line.ʼʼ Odein said.

WIMBIZ has a contributory associate pool of over 670 accomplished women and more than 8,100 women on its data base.
The organisation collaborates with credible local and multinational organisations to deliver programs, which have on aggregate, directly influenced over 105,555 women since inception.

Emphasising on redefining and reinventing in leadership, Managing Partner, Olaniwun Ajayi SAN, said most women think about leadership in relation to what men do and not what women do.

According to him, ʽʽ if you ask most women would they like to be like Dangote, they affirm quickly, but not many people would want to be like Linda Ikeji. Begin to change your narrative; it’s got to be what you are comfortable with, and not what people say.”

In an interview session, the Chief Financial Officer, Venture Garden Group, Mrs. Nichole Yembra, stressed on the need to be globally competitive to accelerate goals as women entrepreneurs.

Yembra is known to foster the growth of companies at the forefront using technology to solve real African problems.
She added that ʽʽits all about solving your real life problems and leaning technology on it, as long as women have problem in their community it’s good to use technology as an enabler.

“WIMBIZ is fantastic and will continue to stay relevant as it bridges our new age. As long as women continue to innovate we continue to have a niche in our society.ʼʼ

Women in Management, Business and Public Service, this year had a social media campaign to encourage organizations to formulate and enact a sexual harassment policy.

The organisation started an executive conversation platform to make sure that the associates and attendees from the early years have an avenue to meet and exchange ideas with like-minded peers.