Akwa Ibom Will Remain Peaceful, Says Emmanuel

Udom Emmanuel

In response to the recent developments in Akwa Ibom State, which were fuelled by his political opponents who are allegedly planning to cause unrest and disrupt the elections come 2019, Governor Udom Emmanuel has said that the state would not yield to the antics of his opponents but would remain a peaceful state.

The governor’s position came on the heels of the recent uproar on the floor of the Senate, where Senator Albert Akpan from the state had raised the alarm alleging that some political elements from the opposition party were planning to sponsor crisis in the forthcoming elections in the state in order to compromise the exercise.

Speaking to State House correspondents after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Emmanuel was quoted in a statement issued by the state government that while only God ultimately gives power, he was not afraid of losing re-election next year.

According to him, “There is something you people must know. When it comes to power it is only God who determines and we are conscious of that. We play politics of development and our people are seeing that. So, whatever would have tried in any way to distract us we don’t want to be distracted so, don’t be bothered about that. It is only God who determines what happens the next minute, not man. And no man is God.”

Emmanuel added that anyone planning violence and war in Akwa Ibom State was wasting time as the people have resolved to be peaceful and would remain so.

He, however, pointed out that such threats from any quarters were being noted even at the presidential level and he believes there is no cause for alarm.

He said, “At the moment, Akwa Ibom State is very peaceful. We only hear of these plots but we the indigenes are saying no, we are peaceful and we want to maintain peace. Whoever wants war, will see war on his own not within the state”

“Our own democracy is about development and I think we’re conscious of that. As of today in terms of internal security I think we are still doing very well and we’ll continue to carry everybody along.”

He concluded that he was not at the Villa to discuss the alleged plot by opposition elements to compromise next year’s elections in the state with the President, but to discuss development issues concerning Akwa Ibom,” he explained.