Buhari’s government, a total failure – Ikenga Ugochinyere

Ikenga Ugochinyere
Ikenga Ugochinyere

Udora Orizu in Abuja

The National Chairman of Action People’s Party (APP) and Publicity Secretary of Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) Ikenga Ugochinyere earlier in the week expressed disappointment with the APC led administration which he deemed as a total failure and a huge joke.

In an interview with Thisday, Ugochinyere stated that the government elites has destroyed the hopes and aspirations of Nigerians, highlighting that President Buhari has failed to live above board on the plans he set before assuming office.

In his words “I will be speaking on APC in my capacity as the spokesperson of CUPP, I can tell you that the APC as long as we are concerned is a total failure and a huge joke. And I want you to understand that we judge Buhari only on three things and these are standards he set for himself, one is the issues of corruption, the President has bastardized and corrupted the fight against corruption, he failed to live above board. Look at key members of the cabinet who are working with him, who are in his government and has been indicted in clear cases of corruption, are not touched by the President, that shows you that there’s a weakness Mr President has and this weakness is inability to do the right thing because if he has that strength then there’s no reason why the former SGF who has been alleged to stealing IDP money should not have been prosecuted, there’s no reason why Adeosun should be out of the country, why didn’t he place travel ban on her. Key members of the PDP that the APC use to accuse of cases of corruption who have now decamped to APC, nobody is hearing any allegations. People like Akpabio, rather they visit the President in London and they get baptized”.

“Secondly is the issue of economy which is the second major plan, I don’t need to tell anybody that the Brooklyn institute and other international agencies has declared Nigeria the poverty capital of the world, which shows that whatever President Buhari has been doing in the last three years is nonsense and not working, because if it’s working, the economy would have improved and this country wouldn’t have been the poverty capital of the world. By the things he said, by his actions, by his dullness in acting to situations that requires prompt attention he destroyed the economy”.

“And the third major promise which is security, do I need to tell anybody that no one is secured again, you can get shot or killed anyhow, people are being killed, police officers are being killed and nothing happened, different separatist groups are springing up in different parts of the country. Today the whole of the plateau and middle belt is not secured, they keep killing and destroying villages for and against, there has been no solution to the Fulani herdsmen, people are alleging that because some of them are from his tribe and he can’t act, whether they are from your tribe or not, you took an oath of office to defend the citizens of the country under section 14, the primary responsibility of the governance is the protection of lives and properties and any corruption, and when they turn the other way round and join his political party you don’t hear anything about it. If you want to curb corruption and inspire confidence in the fight against corruption, you live above board. Apart from chasing individuals one by one, what institution in deepening corruption fight and rule of law that the president has created or help, rather he’s destroying the image of the country”. He queried

“All the major corruption cases that are pending today in court were initiated by the PDP people either Obasanjo or Jonathan. Which reasonable case has he instituted especially among

He urged Nigerians to vote for a credible and competent candidate in 2019

“The constitution has provided periodic elections for us to deal decisively with such level of incompetence. Every Nigerian must see it as a patriotic duty that they go out to the polls in 2019 to throw him out of the office using the sacred instrument of the ballot”.