College of Aviation Ilorin Resumes Training

College of Aviation Ilorin

Chinedu Eze

With recent re-issuance of the Approved Training Organisation (ATO) certificate of International Aviation College, Ilorin, the college has announced that it is set to resume training at the flying school and flight dispatchers.

The Rector of the college, Benedict Adeyelika made this known recently and said that to meet the requirements for re-certification, the school had to close all open items, as stipulated by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

Adeyileka explained that an ATO certificate given by the regulatory authority was an approval for the school to undertake the couses and training audited by the agency.

He said the certification is equivalent to Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and an Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) certification given for airlines and maintenance organizations.

The school recently was recertified by NCAA and carrying out audit of the courses offered by the college.

The letter NCAA issued after the re-certification noted “the remarkable commitment demonstrated in closing the remaining findings as verified during the recent Recertification Audit of your college.”

Adeyelika, who explained the benefits of the ATO and the colleges capacity to commence training said, “The ATO is an authorisation from the NCAA to operate as a college, it’s an equivalent to an AOC, AMO. An ATO is on the category of an AOC and it has operations specifications like the former. It tells us what we can do: train pilots, do Personal Pilots Licensing (PPL), some also do instrument rating and the likes and with our approval we can expand from there.”