Ndume’s Frustrations

Ali Ndume

Since his removal as the Senate Leader, Senator Ali Ndume has carried on as one terrible loser that he is. For someone, who was at the top echelon of the Senate leadership now prancing about the corridor of Aso Rock, just to seek the face of those, who call the shots, what has become of him lately is not enviable on whatever grounds.

Lately, he has been talking so loosely that you can’t but wonder something fundamentally disturbing was wrong with him. From reportedly ruing his support for Senate President Bukola Saraki to saying Saraki didn’t deserve being on that seat, to mocking his presidential aspiration as a pipe dream and also that he could only win in Kwara, Ndume appears to be losing it.

Clearly, his obsession with Saraki calls for concern. The 2019 elections are fast approaching and everyone with an eye on the future is busy plotting their next move, starting with their primary elections and then sees how they’d fit into the general election equation. But Ndume has a new pastime. He should grow up and mind his business.