Facebook Partners Firm on Accelerator Programme


As part of its commitment to empower students and entrepreneurs in building solutions using technology, Facebook, in partnership with Co-Creation Hub (CCHub), has launched the start of FbStart Accelerator programme in Nigeria.

Made up of 11 students and five start-up teams, the six-month bootcamp aims to aid innovative and visionary teams in creating solutions with advanced technologies. The research and mentorship-driven accelerator programme will provide the teams with access to product and industry experts to gain valuable insight, as well as deeper knowledge in how to optimize value driven products, and solutions which leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

The FbStart Accelerator Programme, announced earlier this year during the opening of Facebook’s first hub space on the continent, NG_Hub, would be the focal point for the bootcamp.

Designed specifically for two categories of participants – students and start-ups – the student teams would be provided with equity free funding of between $5,000 and $15,000, while having the option to work virtually to transform their ideas or research into working prototypes.

Start-up teams would be provided with $20,000 in equity free funding and like student teams will have access to technical and business mentors from the Facebook and the CCHUB network as well as free working space at NG_Hub.

Commenting on the start of the FbStart Accelerator programme, Developer Programmes Manager at Facebook, Emeka Afigbo, said: “We believe technology provides expansive opportunities to engage young, creative Nigerians, the use of cutting edge technologies as a basis show that Africans can leverage these technologies to build solutions that are both locally and globally relevant. I am excited to see how these teams will develop and learn throughout their time with us, and ultimately what the will build and create.”