Discomfort Creative Agency Fetes SMEs, Moguls

Kingsley Iweka, Susan Ubochi and Hertz Fauzan, of Discomfort Creative at a meet and greet held recently in Lagos.
Kingsley Iweka, Susan Ubochi and Hertz Fauzan, of Discomfort Creative at a meet and greet held recently in Lagos.

Mary Nnah

Discomfort Creative Agency recently feted entrepreneurs, SME owners, business moguls, NGOs and a number of corporate personalities for its debut ‘Meet and Greet’ in Lagos. The gathering also afforded them the opportunity to introduce the agency, as well as create a networking forum for business owners and money holders.

CEO of Discomfort, Hertz Fauzan, explained that he has always admired the Nigerian, ‘can-do’ spirit, thus his agency intends to support that spirit with the technical know-how that his agency can provide.

Discomfort, according to Fauzan, goes beyond the regular, adding that they take people out of their comfort zone and show them new things.
He said, “People want to be stimulated and see new things. Now, when we do this for a business, it means customers go from their comfort zone to our client’s money zone.

“We deliver all sorts of marketing assets: from old-school print and direct mail, to brand placement, to SEO and social media marketing. We’ll even redesign your product so that it can make more money. People will recognise your brand so that you get the sales you need to grow your business.”

Corroborating, Communications and Strategy Director, Kinsley Iweka further said, “This Africa industry meet is a cocktail event set up to provide a platform for business owners, assembly leaders, creative entrepreneurs, managers and everyone within the ecosystem to interact and connect, explore possibilities and also grow their businesses, and learn new insight from experts in the industry that will help them grow.

“The essence is, in Nigeria, everyone knows that business could very challenging, and you need to build a support base and collaborate with other persons, and events like this helps to foster collaboration.”

On the name Discomfort Creative, he said, “Discomfort Creative Agency is built around a simple philosophy that your business cannot flourish when you remain in your comfort zone and so, the idea is that we would push you beyond your comfort zone so that you can explore bigger opportunities.

“In another dimension, we as your creative agent will not rest until your business finds comfort, so we take the discomfort your business is going through and take the burden off you and place it on our shoulders.

“With an extensive partnership which we leverage on, and a vast team that is not only domiciled here in Nigeria but in UK, US and across Africa and no matter the scale of your project, all we have to do is to plug in with our different partners to meet the need of a particular project.”

Marketing Director, Susan Ubochi further shared that “Nigeria brand marketing and product placement was what inspired it and we’ve been able to see the difference between how product is being developed in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

I think over time, the idea will be better accepted because today’s generation think differently from past years, there is a lot of improvement, innovation and everything is improving.”