Access Bank Campaigns against Mosquito

Access Bank Plc has shown its commitment to giving back to communities across Nigeria through partnership with other private enterprises.

The bank is also supporting the work of non-profit organisations dedicated to improving the lives of the disadvantaged through outreach programmes, funding and infrastructural development, and peer-to-peer education.

It also partners relevant government agencies to advocate for causes that affect citizens daily. The World Mosquito Day saw one of such partnership.

Twentieth of August 2018, the annual World Mosquito Day, was chosen to recognise the role mosquitoes play in the spread of diseases like malaria, yellow fever and most recently, the zika virus which spread through Africa and Europe causing a global pandemic.

Malaria is a major health concern in Nigeria causing an average of 6,000 deaths each year, predominantly women and children.

Because it is an issue that affects all Nigerians, government and private organizations understand the importance of joining hands together to fight and eradicate the disease.

Corporate Alliance of Malaria in Africa (CAMA) is an association of private corporations who have chosen to pool their financial resources and skill to contribute to the fight against malaria.

CAMA is doing this through partnerships with GBC Health, civil society stakeholders, and non-government organizations also dedicated to the cause.

Access Bank as a member of the CAMA and a co-chair on the organization’s board, participated fully in this year’s commemoration by steering the conversation around corporate participation in the eradication of malaria.

Through this, Access Bank has been able to introduce innovative ideas geared towards the control of the disease.
The bank is partnering with CAMA, GBC Health and HACEY Health Initiative to run a series of awareness programmes across Lagos.

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