That We May Know Them

President Muhammadu’s best approach to the spree of killings across the country was that the killings were being sponsored by politicians to discredit his government, the same way former President Goodluck Jonathan thought the menace of Boko Haram was artificially stimulated to undermine his government.

Sadly, except for those making these excuses, it portends one thing: class ineptitude. That a president would sit back to complain about unsavoury developments in his country, only to shift the blame to external forces less powerful than the government – an institution – is worrisome?

To think that the same president had earlier dismissed the killer herdsmen as foreigners, justified the killings in some instances on the grounds of revenge before thinking the political angle shows the government is neither inclined to the solution nor has a clue what the issues are.

The truth, however, is that the latest narrative is nearer home than they can ever imagine. Since the president was sure that some wicked politicians were behind the killings, it means he has security report about such politicians before going public. It would be in sync with his much touted integrity to start naming those politicians in collective interest. The killings must stop. Nigerians too have a right to know the killers amongst them.

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