Discover the 4 most astonishing World Cup’s Stadium


The World Cup 2018 has seen a dozen stadiums host matches. The 12 World Cup stadiums are spread across 11 different Russian cities. Moscow, the Russian capital, has two arenas featuring games this summer while other major cities have hosted games.

Stadiums are always a big deal when it comes to choose a country to organize a World Cup, as we’ve seen with Marocco. Russia’s World Cup stadiums have impressed many with their size and unique features. Soon each stadium will revert back to a home of a domestic football club. The clubs who play in the venues, whether being a new stadium or old, will benefit from the upgrades the World Cup provided.

The biggest World Cup stadium

The Luzhniki Stadium is the biggest Russia World Cup venue. The stadium holds over 78,000 fans, although it can be expanded for other sports events to 81,000. Built in 1955, the stadium underwent more than €350 million of renovations ahead of the World Cup. Seven games are being played at the stadium this summer. The tournament’s first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia was played at the Luzhniki on June 14. The tournament’s final will also be played at the Luzhniki on July 15.

The smallest World Cup stadium

The Central Stadium located in Yekaterinburg is the smallest Russian World Cup stadium. The venue holds 33,061 fans. Originally built in the 1950s, the Central Stadium was renovated in 2006 and works continued until 2017 to get it in-line with FIFA protocol. In 2017, the Central Stadium made headlines around the world as the seating wasn’t up to FIFA standards. The stadium was required to have room for 35,000 spectators. To meet the guidelines, the stadium had a temporary stand built that extends outside of it. Views from the top of the stand are frightening but give fans one of the most unique perspectives in football.

The most impressive World Cup stadium

St. Petersburg’s Krestovsky Stadium is the tournament’s second largest venue holding more than 64,000 fans. It is the home of Russian Premier League team Zenit St. Petersburg and the gorgeous stadium cost $1.1 billion to construct. It is currently the most expensive stadium in the world. It was opened in 2017 after 10 years of construction. Modelled after Tokyo, Japan’s Toyota Stadium, the Krestovsky has a spaceship design and a retractable roof that keeps the Russian cold out. The stadium is located on the island of Krestovsky. It also provides Wifi to fans so that they can bet on website such as Bet365 or enjoy Genting Bet promo code. Three tributary rivers flow just outside the walls of the stadium giving it a serene setting before and after matches, far from some other stadium surrounded by mall, casinos, massive buildings etc.

The most beautiful stadium of the World Cup

Sochi’s Fisht Olympic Stadium holds 44,287 fans. It is located in the beautiful Black Sea city of Sochi which attracts holidaymakers from all over Russia. Fisht Olympic Stadium was built for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The stadium was originally enclosed for the winter sports, but it was renovated into an opened roof stadium for football. The sloped roof resembles the mountains in the area during winter and it changes colours at night for visitors to see from outside.

The Russian World Cup will leave 12 beautiful stadiums to the country’s football teams and local cities. Each will have their own legacy that will live forever when the World Cup 2018 finishes on July 15.