Rotary Club Provides Credit Facilities for Lagos Community


The people of Ita Marun community, a sleepy village in Ibeju Lekki Local Government Area (LGA) of Lagos State, were excited recently as the Rotary Club of Lagos presented cheques for a micro-credit scheme approved by the club to some of the villagers in order to establish or grow their businesses. The cheques were presented by President of the Club, Rotarian Soboma Ajumogobia.

Rotary Club of Lagos’s relationship with the community, which started almost four years ago, has been a source of happiness to the entire community.

Some projects the Club has carried out for the community include, an industrial bore-hole supplying pipe borne water to all parts of the village, a solar-powered street lighting system, a palm kernel crushing plant, an incinerator and most significantly the revolving micro credit scheme.

The Club usually extends the interest free credits on a revolving basis each year, unlike loans advanced by commercial and micro finance banks. Furthermore, beneficiaries are expected to add value to their businesses so as to improve the quality of their lives and the community as whole.

In a short address at the ceremony, Ajumogobia explained how Rotary Club of Vechta, Germany had facilitated this latest credit package in making the event of that day possible. : “An active senior club member, Rotarian Olaf Schummueser made contact with Rotary Club of Vechta, Germany and the German Rotary Club expressed interest in what we have been doing for Ita Marun. They decided to partner with us to support our efforts and contribute towards our community development program to foster sustainable livelihoods in this community. We have consequently been able to increase our exposure to Ita Marun beneficiaries and also the number of beneficiaries during the current cycle.” Ajumogobia explained.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Joke Musediku, expressed happiness over the gesture of Rotary Club of Lagos. She said her joy knew no bounds for being one of those who benefitted from the scheme.

“I pray to almighty God to bless Rotary Club of Lagos and may their joy know no end. They will never regret helping Ita Marun community. I’m so excited,” Musediku said.

Rotarian Olaf Schummueser, in a short speech, expressed his happiness saying that it was a privilege to have been able to make a positive impact on the lives of the people of Ita Marun.