Why Buhari May Win Again


Sunday letter

Notwithstanding rampant outpourings of “inspired” prophetic utterances of men of “God” who often claim to have heard from Jehovah our God, it cannot be taken hook and sink that God obeys man or acts on the unctuous utterances of mortal flesh He created. Who and who were there when God spoke to that “Man of God”, and what manner of spirit gave such a Nigerian prophet utterance? The spirit of truth based on truthful and factual assessment of Buhari’s three years in office and the gallimaufry of perplexing tasks he came to embrace?

The much-talked about insecurity of Boko Haram and herdsmen are definitely not the only nagging problems gnawing at Nigeria when Buhari came in 2015. Therefore, any prediction about the outcome of 2019 elections as it concerns Buhari—which did not reckon with the man’s humble efforts—even if he may not have performed superbly according to most Nigerians—and the degree of tasks he met vis-a-avis the state of Nigeria’s treasury, could not have been inspired by the holy spirit of Jehovah, the true God.

Here in Nigeria, we have had a surfeit of predictions and prophesies that bounced off the happenings in the social space within the period these predictions were timed. Were we not told that former President Goodluck Jonathan would be overthrown in a military coup? Were we not told that Buhari would very likely hand over to Professor Yemi Osinbajo before 2019? Have we not been told that “a nobody”, an unknown face will rule Nigeria in 2019? But all the presidential aspirants on parade today, are they not the same familiar faces that have been strutting the political landscape since 1999, except just one or two among them?

The scripture made it clear that “prophesies may fail, visions may fail, but the word of God stands for ever”. And one of the words of God that stands for ever is this: “When a man’s ways pleases the Lord, He makes even his enemies become his friends”. God is truth. He confirms His truth, and that spoken by we flesh. That is why truth is like cricket ball. No matter how hard you try to press it into water, it bounces up. God is more disposed to pardon the error of somebody who speaks truth all the time, than the holy angel that knows so much how to manipulate, trick, hypnotise and cover-up.

Innocence of hearts and thoughts are a delight to our Lord and He searches the intent of the heart of men, knowing all their steps, before they make any move.

Dubious intelligence of professorial acumen does not produce positive results, and that is one of the fundamental causes of our present level of underdevelopment. Have we not had PhDs and professors in the state Houses and Legislature in the 1950s, 60s, 80s, and even up till now? Why was there no difference? Because, beyond the veneer of intellectualism and technocracy, the major plane in the subconscious which produces noble thoughts and decisions: moral integrity, uprightness, a godly sense of sound judgment, and the quiet spirit of discernment were not in them. And that is why a whole crop of PhD-wielding state managers would not feel any qualms dashing a princely N15 billion to parliamentarians, just to pass the budget bill, their statutory responsibility in the first place. Why is she just blowing the whistle now that most of those who collected out of the bribe are no longer in the chambers? That is also why a princely $2 billion would just fly away like that, as if $2 billion would not make any difference in the second Niger Bridge project.

Truth is this: as 2019 builds up, it is becoming clear day by day that the opposition elements have not shown any atom of seriousness capable of putting the Buhari-led All Progressives Congress government into fear. Forget about the fact that the APC is also suffering the same internal crisis of trust. But they are more sure of overcoming their squabbles than the opposition elements—both the new and old PDP, the yet invisible members of your SDP, the seemingly secretive colony being assembled by ex-President Obasanjo called NIM or whatever and all the rest. Eight months to election, non of the opposition aspirants has come up with anything like campaign issue or clearly-spelt out programme on how to bring down Buhari at the polls. They more they gather, the more they scatter.

Sam Nwokoro, Lagos