Visionscape Sensitises Community Members on Plastic Pollution


International environmental utility firm, Visionscape Sanitation Solutions, has reiterated its commitment to the fight against plastic pollution, following a community sensitisation engagement event organised to mark the United Nation’s 2018 World Environment Day, in partnership with a local cement manufacturer.

The 2018 theme – Beat Plastic Pollution – led the programme, which was held in Lagos Island West Local Community Development Area (LCDA), Lagos State.

Participants consisted of market leaders, representatives of government agencies, key environmental players in the sector.
“Curbing plastic pollution is a collective effort. There is something we can all do, and it will be to the benefit of each one of us,” said Shola Taiwo, Operations Manager, Visionscape Sanitation Solutions.

Visionscape urged residents to reduce their use of plastic and rubber materials for the fight against plastic pollution.
The World Environment Day, celebrated June 5th every year, is a day dedicated to address the issues facing the environment.
The theme of this year’s event ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, focuses on reducing plastic and rubber pollution in the environment.