Chioma Enyi: I  Aim to Impact Lives



Pretty and young, Chioma Enyi has an excellent spirit In this interview with Tosin Clegg, she talks about her NGO and her future plans and more

How did you start your NGO? 

I have an NGO to support and help my immediate neighbours and this has always been something I have been driven to do, although I just started professionally. I have been doing charity works for a few years. In secondary school, I remember, I used to save up money and buy pack of pens and other writing materials to share in public schools during exam periods. 

 What have been the challenges and successes? 

Well, it’s new and this is my first outreach, so I won’t be able to accurately say. But so far, I have been having troubles getting volunteers and financial sponsors. I noticed most people are not very kin on investing where there are no profits. 

Who are your role models and mentors? 

I have a couple of people that I admire, but my mum is my everything. I look up to her. She’s spiritual, she knows how to have intellectual conversations; and her dress sense. I also admire Catherine, the duchess of Cambridge, her love for children and her desire to share happiness. 

What are your plans for the year? 

We have a project coming up on the second of June 2018, our first major one actually, and we plan to do it big. We want to be able to feed about 400 people and have medical treatment and tests for a 100. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

In another five years, by the grace of God, I see Enhancing Lives Charity Foundation, bigger, better and more established. My goals are to be able to impact lives in the long term, helping families and individuals get on their feet, and taking people off the streets for good.