Konga Launches Offline Deals with Yudala Merger


E-commerce firm, Konga has introduced a new business arm  to its offerings arising from   its merger  with Yudala, which now makes it a composite retail outfit.
The merger deal which  is a long expected development  since the announcement of the acquisition of the firm by Zinox group would see both companies now operate under the Konga brand name from May 1.
Leveraging on the strength and offline structure of Yudala, Konga which used to operate as an online store only would now have physical retail outlets across the country where customers can  physically view and make orders based on their  preferences.

Speaking on the merger, Chairman of the firm, Olusiji Ijogun, noted  that the new deal would further  broaden the scope of organised retail and e-commerce in Nigeria as well as deliver more value to customers and merchants.
He said, “The business platform will now include two distinct but fully integrated aspects including the online e-commerce/marketplace platform and the retail  section which  is the offline arm of the business. Both will be supported by Konga Pay, a CBN-licenced mobile money platform and Konga Express, a logistics company with advanced delivery capabilities for internal and external customers.
“Effective from May 1, the company will now be managed by dual CEOs in the persons of Nick Imudia, who will be in charge of online among others and Prince Nnamdi Ekeh, who will be responsible for offline. This merger will further strengthen our position in the Nigerian retail market as we creatively position the firm  as the first profitable e-commerce company in Africa.”

Also speaking, Prince Ekeh, said, “One of the exciting benefits of this merger is the possibility it offers prospective shoppers to order online, pay and pick-up  product(s) at the nearest  offline store. There are also increasing business opportunities for merchants nationwide.
“Indeed, we are very excited about the operational merger. A merger of this magnitude has never been experienced in Africa. In the near future, we plan to have a store in every local government area in Nigeria.
While this is ambitious, we believe that every Nigerian deserves the right to have access to  full range of genuine products.”
Imudia added that the deal was expected to  bring immense opportunities for consumers in the e-commerce space and urged  shoppers, consumers, merchants and clients to stay connected with the firm as it unveiled its ambitious contents.