Since the break-up of Rita Amene with Benny Obaze, her beau and CEO of upscale fashion outlets for those who are at home with the de rigueur of fashion, Bevista and Rivista, the pretty banker, who is a top manager in Zenith Bank, has seemingly disappeared into oblivion.

At the height of their whirlwind romance, the loving couple was inseparable; they went everywhere together, turning heads and leaving many mouths agape after they had long gone. Benny is a hunk, a dandy and blessed with good looks and a toothy smile for effective women turn-on while Rita is beautiful, elegant and personable.

Sheltered in his wealth and popularity yet, exposed by it, when things fell apart between them, Benny went on to marry Lizzy Fynecountry. Rita, apparently, could no longer cope with the shame and has since then become a social pariah, giving celebrity gatherings a wide berth.

Many who knew the estranged couple are now wondering where Rita has been holing up. Meanwhile, only Benny and his new second wife know what it is about their union that drives them to demonstrate pure love, no matter whose ox is gored. It’s simply infectious to see the couple holding hands or sharing smiles in public, as if oblivious of other things or other people around them.