Babatunde George Gives Hope to the Hopeless


Funke Olaode

Confident and looking sharp in a white shirt and pencil black trousers, Babatunde George, who is better known as Sri George welcomes this reporter to his cozy office.

Looking at him today, it is not easy to believe he was once a factory worker and a motor boy. Like prophet who saw tomorrow, George, sprung a surprise on the world from a disadvantaged background by weathering the storm of adversity to emerge a renowned inspirational speaker and psychologist. Born into a family with rich experience in spiritualism, Sri George’s father hails from Kogi state, while his mother is a Deltan.

George’s current outlook has been shaped by many influences, which he hinted at, “I have always associated with people who are older and better experienced. Many of them are leaders of faith based organizations. They taught me a lot about the power of the mind. Thus, I became aware of people really are.”

On how he reached an enviable height in his chosen career, George quipped, “I have referrals for my work from people outside Nigeria. There is nobody I cannot identify with. I don’t judge people but to tell them to embrace the better life. Anybody who is abused should work on his image and they can recover by thinking of people who are their role models..

Traversing a number of cultures, George is fascinated Eastern philosophies which he said is about the oldest in the world. He has been studying it since the age of 13. Born in Warri Delta state, he attended schools in Lagos and Ibadan. He would later get a degree in Psychology from the University of Ibadan.
“I practice Yoga education too. My type of Psychology is very rare in this part of the world. Most people recommend anti-depressant, but I give you an image to work with.

“An Educational system or institution that doesn’t teach a student about himself, his soul, the higher faculties of his mind, and how to discover his purpose and God given potential, as well as how to use his mind power to be, do and have anything he desires without violating other people’s rights and disobeying the laws of the land is criminal. We need restructure that system of education. The lack of these factors that I talked about in education creates a very big loophole.”

George believes, the battered image of Nigerians can be reversed for good if we understand who we are and what we are capable of doing. “Nobody wants to identify with Nigeria because of the level of our waywardness, corruption and immoralities. We jettisoned communal life to alien ways of doing things. We are a people bonded by communal lifestyle and cultural heritage but we have bungled that unique moral compass. We must know our true identity. We hide a lot from our children. We need to allow our children ask questions.”

According to George, nobody is a write-off. To overcome this syndrome, he tasked them use heir past negative experiences as a guide. “People focus more on negative things of life instead of the positive angle. We have been negatively programmed. We should always consult our past success to motivate us and not depress us.”

Having coached various personalities, both the high and mighty, the lowly and unheard, he highlighted theinstructive thing about these people. “I have coached a lot of people in the entertainment and politics. Nobody is absolutely bad. You don’t know what they go through. Politics is an obligatory calling, Nigeria is not as bad as people see it. A number of politicians are doing well. They are from the same society with same upbringing.
Situations change them. Nigeria is a work in progress. Our leaders are also conscious of leaving a legacy but the society we live in is very funny. You need money to win elections. You have to buy votes. Until Nigerians atop collecting money from politicians, we won’t get it right.

With his coaching prowess, he said “I live everyday like I won’t see the next day. I want to inspire people as an intellectual philanthropist. I have coached over 10, 000 students in Oyo state alone in recent times and I will continue to do so.

The people who need the coaching most, according to him are the celebrities, politicians and influencers because they are the role models. They have the power to sway the populace because whatever action is performed by a great man, common men follow in his footsteps, and whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursue it..

My focus is in the entertainment sector. I want it to achieve a number of things through diverse areas of human endeavours. Competent people are abound in Nigeria.

So many people are afraid to reveal what’s going on inside of them due to the circumstances surrounding their environment. Majority of parents don’t care about the psychological wellbeing of their children which is the very reason why we have so many challenges in our society today. So many parents especially African parents care more about their children’s school grades, physical health and care less of their emotional and mental condition.