Ekweremadu Goofs



WITH Ebere Wabara, ewabara@yahoo.com, 08055001948

“GROUPS sensitise (sensitize, preferably) students on (to) human trafficking”

“…return back to….” Delete ‘back’ on grounds of redundancy.

The next two blunders are from a full-page advertorial signed by Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, PhD, OON, Taliban Gombe: “Once again, we congratulate you for (on/upon) being a source of pride and encouragement to Nigerians.”

“…I wish you more fruitful years ahead as you continue to make your mark and tireless (tirelessly) contribute to sustaining the unity and peace of Nigeria.”

An aside from the above advertorial headlined “Congratulations to the Father of Modern Nigeria” Your Excellency, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is not the father of modern Nigeria. Please do not rewrite contemporary history!

“On behalf of my family and the good people of Enugu West Senatorial District, I congratulate the Board, Management and Staff of The Sun Publishing Limited for (on/upon) attaining the age of 15.” (Full-page advertorial by His Excellency, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, PhD, CFR, Deputy President of the Senate, Federal Republic of Nigeria, DAILY SUN, January 24)

“The rush by politicians to found political parties rather than align with the ones with which they share similar ideologies have (has) persisted till now….”

“We note with happiness that during these fifteen years, through the four titles in (on) its stable namely….”

“You have performed your social responsibility of informing, educating, enlightening and entertaining creditably well and….” Get it right: just creditably—‘well’ is otiose.

“A female Hausa drummer (middle) and his (how?) assistants performing in Lagos in the 1950s” (DAILY SUN MEMORIES Page, January 22)

“…it was a gimmick to get people to subscribe on (to) their platform. “ (THE BUSINESS REPORT, January 22)

“The government has put in place long term strategy (a long-term strategy) and this will help the economy.”

“Consumers commend Ogun govt over (for) Mitros rice”

“2019: USAID, NGO raise alarm (the alarm) over insecurity”

“Ugwuanyi commissions (inaugurates) state-constructed 103 Battalion Army Barracks Road”

Wrong: Interest free loan; Right: Interest-free loan

“Fuel queues return to Lagos amid supply shortage (shortages)” (DAILY SUN BUSINESS Headline, January 22)

“Ekpu…will bring to our teeming readers, in his inimitable style, rigorous and profound thoughts on wide (a wide) range of contemporary issues on Nigeria, Africa and the world.”

“I wish you God’s continous (continuous) blessings and good health.” (Full-page advertorial by Prince Uche Secondus, National Chairman of PDP, DAILY SUN, January 29)

It is an auspicious ocassion (occasion) considering the enormous….” (Full-page advertorial signed by Chief Pat Chidolue, Chairman, Chelsea Hotels Ltd., DAILY SUN, January 29)

“At this 11th hour of your epicopacy (episcopacy) as the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja….”                        

“The Traditional Rulers, President Generals of Town Unions and the entire people of Igala-speaking communities in Anambra West LGA of Anambra State wish to congratulate….” (Full-page advertorial by Anambra West Igala Stakeholders’ Forum, DAILY SUN, January 29) My own message: Presidents-General

“House of Representatives National Assembly Committee on Banking and Currency call for memoranda/invitation to a two day (two-day) public hearing on….”

“Lagos women launch farmers (farmers’) multipurpose cooperative”

“Soldiers take over troubled spots” (Daily Champion Headline, December 20) Let peace reign: trouble spots.

“Post election violence spreads” (Vanguard Headline, December 19) Towards a better life for the people: Post-election violence….

Yet another headline solecism from Vanguard of the next day: “Post poll violence continues” Solution as above. Somebody should inform editors at Kirikiri Canal of this recurring lapse.

“Man killed in car accident” (Vanguard Headline, December 19) Why not ’’Man dies in car accident?’’ He was not killed!

“Nigerian loses his life in a ghastly auto crash in Greece.” (DAILY CHAMPION, December 19) It was a fatal (not ghastly) accident.

“President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, expressed sadness over the sporadic violent protest (protests)….” (Vanguard, December 19)

The next headline blunder is from last week’s edition of this medium: “Police arrest four over Maiduguri explosion” Do we arrest the entire editorial team for (not over) lexical recklessness?

“Bribery enthrones mediocrity and crucify merit.” (Source: as above) The Tabernacle of bribery crucifies merit.

“Gang up against Buhari will fail” (NIGERIAN Tribune Headline, 15 December) Phrasal verb: gang up; noun: gang-up (which applies here).

“We were treated to another similar incidence.…” All newspapers should know the difference between ‘incidence’ and ‘incident’ (which is the correct etymology here).

“Although the governor’s last minute romance with the main opposition party is held against him.…” Saturday People: last-minute (take note of the hyphen) romance….

“Thus, a core investor…with regards to optimal use of the machinery.…”  (THE GUARDIAN, December 12) Either: as regards or with regard to….

“In the heydays of the goggled General when fuel was often unavailable…” (THE GUARDIAN, December 20) Stranglehold of oil workers: heyday (uncountable).

“Last year, many houses of the Igbo in Ajegunle, a suburb of Lagos, were razed down.…” (THISDAY, December 20) No word abuse: simply razed (not razed down). Discard the contrary views by some registers!

Yet another headline gaffe: “Restrictions on inter-bank foreign exchange trading is (are) killing the market.”

“Armed robbers now have good company—street thugs and unofficial vigilante groups.” (THE GUARDIAN, December 20) Democracy as a disincentive: vigilance groups.

“2015: Jonathan points accusing fingers at INEC….” (DAILY TRUST, December 20) People in the news: Jonathan points the finger. No obtuse addition.

“Nigeria is at a crossroad” (VANGUARD, December 25) Fixed expression: at a/ the crossroads.

“Stationeries badly needed by.…” (DAILY INDEPENDENT, December 20) ‘Stationery’ is non-count.

“But what appears criminal is the desire of these off-springs of.…” (DAILY CHAMPION, December 20) ‘Offspring’ does not take any inflection.

The next three goofs are from VANGUARD of December 20: ”…the process of economic integration from which will emerge an economic block (bloc).…”

“There is a tussle going on between these two (would it have been three?) arms of government.”

“Nigerian leaders and politicians have continued to adopt and acquiesce to (in).…”

“Globacom sets (set) to rule domestic market” (Nigerian Tribune, December 20)

“I have been briefed that the wrangling among the leaders of PDP are (is) over.” (SUNDAY VANGUARD, December 24)

BusinessDay of December 20 disseminated an embarrassing impropriety: “Now that the Police has (have) taken over the supervision of the….”

“…and ensure it does not reoccur again.”  (THE GUARDIAN, December 20) ‘Reoccur again’? Run for cover, my dear reader! Just recur. Recur, recurrence, recurrent. Occur, occurred, occurrence.

“Lack of incentives anger (angers) local manufacturers” (THE GUARDIAN, December 20)  “They provide temporary relief.” (Source: as above) ‘Temporary relief? I strongly object to that clumsy expression because there is no permanence in ‘relief’.