Monarch Berates Lawmakers for Abandoning Constituencies


Femi Ogbonnikan in Abeokuta

A first class monarch, Oba Adekunle Oyelude, the Olowu of Owu-Kuta, in Osun state, at the weekend, has described as ungrateful the practice by some public office seekers who after getting the electorates’ mandate always rise turn their backs against those that elected them into the various offices.

Oba Oyelude condemned, in a strong term, the attitude of lawmakers representing his constituency in the national assembly, describing it as political immaturity and disrespect to the electorate.

In his message at the launching of a book titled ‘The Making of Ile Ogbo (1700-2017) in Ile Ogbo, Osun State, the traditional ruler declared that he had made up his mind to speak up for record purposes and to help his subjects to make a right choice during elections.

He, however, said a monarch is the father of all who must be politically neutral, in order to preserve his status and earn the respect of his subjects, irrespective of their political affiliations.

In view of that, the Olowu maintained, “a monarch must ensure that his people support politicians whose track records in community development before entering politics are well known to the people.

“But it is unfortunate that what we have in Abuja is short of expectation. It is a case of climbing up and pushing away the ladder. Another example is one who crosses the bridge and burns it afterwards. This is ungodly; this is unfair to the electorates who endure sun and rain on the queue on election days. I am not angry with anybody but I am telling you, our people, to look carefully before you support or cast your vote for any politician,” he said.
Speaking further, Oba Oyelude lamented the neglect of traditional rulers by some politicians, saying the behaviour is a spite on Yoruba traditional institution which, he stressed, confers some responsibilities on the traditional rulers.

The Olowu, however, admonished the striking Osun State civil servants to show more understanding to the state government in their agitation, saying the current phase that pit them against the government would pass and become history.

He added that what is obtained in Osun State is not different from the happenings in many other sources. But I am positive that we must have learnt some lessons in the situation. So, our workers should bear with the government for the sake of peace in the state,” he said.