Marwa Organisation Urges Nigerians to Sheath Political Swords


Dani Sani in Yola

Marwa Organisation (TMO) a political organisation of former military administrator of Lagos State, Gen Buba Marwa has called on Nigerians to sheath their swords ranging from insurgency, kidnapping, child trafficking, nepotism and political hate speeches bedeviling the unity of the nation; for sake of the fear of God.

The organisation said “God didn’t make a mistake to create Nigeria despite our tribe diversities”, adding that anybody agitating for the disunity of the country was fighting the Almighty.

“My new year’s message is united we stand divided we fall as a nation and there is much trength in our diversities”, said the organisation, adding “We should borrow a leaf from China which despite its population and diversity is able to develop. If there is political will, success is inevitable.”

However, the organisation reiterated its stand to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s presidential ambition come 2019.

Marwa, who spoke on Saturday in Yola, Adamawa state capital on behalf of his organisation noted that Nigerians should not be carried away by fantasies and deception by some politicians who have personal interest at heart and not the interest of the nation.

He said “some politicians may come in sheep’s cloth but they are wolves in sheep cloths and are only concerned to defraud and siphon the nation’s treasure.”

Marwa said Nigerians should used the yuletide holidays to do critical analysis on who should be the next president of the country come 2019, adding that the Buhari administration has proven beyond reasonable doubt its case in people-oriented projects in the few years of its reign.

“Nigerians should be patient with the Buhari administration despite its challenges; l believe, in due course, these challenges will be the thing of the past”, he added.

Marwa further explained the reason for his silence for some time was to enable him and his organisation to do a critical analysis of the present administration and past administrations, saying that if Buhari completes his second tenure, the country will bounce back to its feet.