Labour Party Caucus Blasts former Chairman, Abdusalam  


The crisis rocking the Labour Party has taken another dimension with the emergence of a vocal caucus known as the Labour Party Youth Vanguard (LPYV) which has ‎threatened to petition the activities of the former LP Chairman, ‎Alhaji Abdukadir Abdulsalam Abdusalam.

Abdusalam is alleged to have the backing of some ‎unscrupulous INEC officials hell bent on distorting the truth, as well as stunting progress in the party.

Commenting on the situation in the party, the President of Labour Party Youth Vanguard, Usman Ibrahim ‎said, “INEC must recognize the results of the party’s national convention and uphold Dr. Mike Omotosho as the new 

chairman of the party. We witnessed this kind of scenario in the PDP sometime ago. We are all witnesses to what happened later. The Labour Party is above any individual. Abdusalam knows he is fighting a lost battle. His tenure is over. If he thinks that INEC can help sustain him as the chairman of the party, he is a joker. This is a new Labour Party that is geared to take its rightful place in the scheme of things and we cannot afford to allow retrogressive elements to hold us down. It is not the duty of INEC to foist a chairman on the party.” According to him, the Labour Party has only one chairman.

Ibrahim, therefore, urged Abdusalam to accept defeat and allow the results of the national convention of ‎labour party to be fully implemented. “There is nothing left for Abdusalam to prove in the party. He has done both his best and his worst. This is a man who took over a vibrant party and then worked to become its undertaker.” 

The former Labour Party Chairman who has been accused of various instances of abuse of office was supposedly removed from office at a convention that saw the emergence of Omotosho, but he has since refused to bow out and the INEC still upholds his name as the leader of the party.

The current struggle for the soul of the party is between progressive elements who have queued behind the visionary Omotosho and those who want to maintain the status quo as the 2019 general election draws closer. According to the Ibrahim, the chances of the Labour Party are bright in the 2019 elections because Nigerians are fed up with both the PDP and the APC. “The Labour Party offers the alternative that Nigerians have been yearning for and we have to close ranks to make it happen. We cannot afford the kind of distraction that Abdusalam and his cohorts are trying to inflict upon the party,” said Ibrahim.