Success Ojo

The Chief Executive Officer of Knowledge Aid Initiative (KAI), Success Ojo, has over the years consistently fought for the interest and social inclusion of the vulnerable in remote communities. She has not stopped at that but has also made plans to make this Christmas unforgettable for the less privileged especially those who live in the slums.

So as Christmas draws nearer, KAI is planning a Christmas party tagged “Blessing Bag Xmas Party” for 1, 000 children in disadvantage communities. Scheduled to hold on December 18 in Lagos, the concept, Ojo explained is to make Christmas great for children living in slums as well as the unreached communities.

“Our support will truly make a difference in the lives of some of the most marginalised and underprivileged people. We all have reasons to be thankful to God for the grace of surviving to the end of the year despite its turbulence, trials and all. Just imagine the face of these children when they are handed a bag full of necessities that they do not have access to in the slums. Imagine how good it will feel for them to have a good lunch, put on some nice dress, and have a drink and a handshake from Santa Claus”, she noted.

Knowledge Aid Initiative, Ojo stressed, is a nongovernmental organisation which is aimed at helping women and children in the slum to live a better life, adding, “We work with low income families to improve their standard of living to become productive members in their communities. We remain committed to improving the lives of people living in the marginalised communities. We are working to build a sustainable social change and improve the quality of life.”

Ojo who said the organisation will also launch an initiative called OnebarigaWoman also on December 18, noted, “We did our needs assessment in ilaje communities in Bariga, Lagos and our findings showed that majority of the women are social-economic challenges in the community. We also discovered that the men in the community are the problem; they marry lot of wives and keep all of them in makeshift homes. This leaves the women under intense pressure to cater for the needs of the home as their men are not responsible. Thus, in their bid to feed their children and the family, their children are pulled out of school to assist their mother in her trade. Some of their children especially the girls are expose to sexual molestation and they get pregnant while the boys end up joining gangs because they lack basic education and proper parental guidance to lead a better life. Sequel to this, we will be launching OnebarigaWoman Saving and Loan Association (OSALA); a project that seeks to empower Ilaje, Bariga women with startup funds and business management skills.”

She noted that the project is capable of empowering 500 women who will use their skills to improve the general health and wellbeing of community while 500 families will be reached through this project and over 2,000 children will access education, adding that the project will be duplicated in other urban slums across Nigeria.