No Automatic Ticket for Atiku, Says PDP BoT Chair


John Shiklam in Kaduna

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Walid Jibrin, has stated that former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar will not be given an automatic ticket to contest the 2019 presidential election on the platform of the party.

According to him, the former vice-president was free to defect from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and return to the PDP but he should be prepared to struggle for the party’s presidential ticket with other aspirants.

THISDAY had exclusively reported that Atiku was in talks with PDP chieftains to return to the party, but had premised his return on the guaranty that he would secure the presidential ticket of the party to contest the 2019 election.

Ever since, the party’s stalwarts have been divided over his speculated return.
Speaking on the development, Jibrin said that the PDP was ready for Atiku’s return and would welcome him and his supporters back to the party’s fold.

Jibrin, who spoke during an interview in Kaduna, said given the manner Atiku was being treated by the APC, he had no option than to return to the PDP ahead of 2019.

“We are ready to accept him to our party but he should be ready to work for a waiver,” he said.
“The North met in Abuja to say that any candidate from the North can contest. Let us get them. I think they are getting set now.

“For now, we have a former governor of Kano State, Ibrahim Shekarau, former Jigawa State governor, Sule Lamido, a former governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa, and so on, preparing to vie for the PDP presidential ticket.

“If the PDP grants Atiku a waiver, he should join the cream of presidential aspirants in the party to fight for the ticket in 2019.

“If the PDP considers Atiku for the automatic presidential ticket, what about those in the party who are showing interest? Should we throw them away? If he is coming, he should come as an equal partner.

“We are ready to accept him. But he must follow the rules of the game. First, he must go through the primary like any other person and he must fight for the presidential ticket,” he added.

  • Udeme Udofia

    Atiku is the only Northerner that can win the Presidency for PDP in 2019, mark my words. He has the acceptability Nationwide than any other in the line up, He is more marketable, He understands the terrain better than the rest, most experienced and much more. PDP stakeholders should give Him the necessary back up if they are serious to take power back. And as Mr. Restructure, He knows what Nigerians wants now and ready to give Nigerians the kind of government they yearn for.

  • lord vuga

    When we will we come out of this political coma? 2017 and we are still talking of people like atiku. That means we have not made any progress in over 20 years. He is of the same stock of political elite that has kept this country on its knees and in the dark ages.
    We should be looking forward to fresh air in 2019 not recirculated polluted carbon mono oxide.
    We should be thinking of younger vibrant leaders with the drive and ideas to move this great country forward.
    What has atiku to offer that is different from gmb,anenih,tinubu ,markafi et al have to offer?
    When will we stop going round in circles? Part of the problems in this govt is it not because it is full of recycled ,exhausted windbags who only know how to gorge on the national cake.

  • Gladday

    He is the only chance PDP has if it must return to power in 2019. Am just tired of the combinations of lai Mohammed and Buhari in APC

  • princegab

    For now, Atiku is the best presidential candidate.

    • lord vuga

      Pls based on what? Unless of cause if we are to continue to regress as a country.

      • princegab

        Based on the fact that Atiku is the only serious contender for now.

  • Stanley

    Atiku needs PDP as much as PDP needs Atiku. He is the only nationalist with free mind, political outreach, experience, without godfather that the South and the middle belt will vote for. He will break the core north into two and have the North-East where he hails from. His readiness and zeal to restructure Nigeria will endear people to vote for him. APC will be left with just half of North-west, going by the present situation on ground. PDP is lucky and should be very happy to grant him automatic ticket the very day he decamps. To think of anyone else is to spear APC the time and efforts for the 2019 elections. People bared with them in their first mistake in 2015, a second mistake will be a disgrace and they will be laughed at.

    • princegab

      Well said, thanks.
      Atiku is the way to go.

    • lord vuga

      You are so naive to believe what politicians say when seeking power. Who told you he will restructure nigeria if he is president? He will say all the things that folks like you want to hear but that doesnt mean he is even considering doing them. O boy u neva learn lesson till now?

      • MLK

        He won’t even get PDP ticket. For Atiku, the end has come to his political ambition. Changing parties too many times has done it for him. Why will those who remained to build PDP hand it over to him after financing and working with the opposition to defeat the PDP in 2015? Will he have the support of the people that matter in the PDP- OBJ, GEJ, Lamido, Makarfi, and others. He has been so reluctant to make the move to join the PDP because he knows it will be his last move.

  • E.Udah

    Regardless of his political infidelity which is forgivable, is he healthy enough for the office he seeks at his age?
    The corruption toga on him is another issue he has to deal with in the electorate’s perception.
    Among all the aspirants so far, he has better leadership antecedents.
    I wish there were better candidates than these recycled bunch.

    • Gladday

      He is the best candidate for now. He is sound enough for the job.

      • Olugbenga

        I support Atiku’s candidacy, nevertheless if someone genuinely raises a question about his age and his health, we must as a matter of patriotism to our country give room for thorough discussion on such.
        We just have to get it right for once.

  • Nuorah

    I will vote for Atiku

    • princegab

      Me too

      • CES


    • Mazi

      Me also

  • Augustine Ameh

    Netanyahu, hi, try to be objective in discussing issues that matter and I can understand your frustrations and your emotions but I am only trying to bring out some of the social qualities that make someone to stand out among his peers. I do not hate Atiku but I was only trying to make people like you to understand that principles makes one to standout among many period.

  • Augustine Ameh

    A man that seems not to abide by a very simple principle of logic , how can such man be trusted?. Given his defection/ kriss crossing from one party to another because he wants power by all means. Any man with a very simple logic in political calculation does not apply such antics always but been loyal and your loyalty and meaningful contribution/s and which could be seen to be true and could be measured in relative terms and value could be adjudged to be probably accepted.

    • Netanyahu

      Your demigod, Mohamadu Jubril moved from ANPP to CPC to APC and contested four times before he won his 2015 election. So what is your point? I will vote for one thousand Atikus than waste my vote on this skeleton that has destroyed everything that held this country together. Where is El-Zak zakky and his wife, where is Dasuki after two and a half years in detention?

      • Fowad

        So Atiku is no longer corrupt? How do you know he won’t do worse and throw Nigeria into free for all?

        • Milito

          How far with Buhari whom you voted on the premise of incorruptibility ?

          I will rather have an Atiku with an orchestrated corruption baggage than a Buhari who is not only corrupt but also clannish, despotic and intellectually dumb.

          The best will be to have a complete new person with youthful zest . He also must have a good leadership antecedent…..

        • Toby

          And Buhari is not corrupt? Pastor Osinbajo is not corrupt?

        • princegab

          You are right but the quicker we replace Presidents the earlier we get mr good.

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        ANPP and CPC are now part of the APC. That is why neither of them exist anymore. Buhari is part of the successor party formed from both CPC, ANPP and ACN.

  • Adams Oloreofe

    Then who else will PDP give the ticket? Atiku is the best bet for them, otherwise 2019 elections will be walk-over.

  • Toby

    He make take his chance in PDP. There is road block in APC. Age not on his side any more.

    • papred06

      Too old!

      • Toby

        Younger than your clannish, sluggish, snaillish, corrupt Buhari.

      • Gladday

        Younger than Buhari who is re contesting in 2019

  • Monday Oshoikpor

    PDP was taking out of power cause of little mistakes that you can’t afford to make again.Atiku has the pedigree,people believe in him and with him,the Umbrella can shade Nigerians again. In Atiku we truth 2019!!!

  • Iskacountryman

    he has to pay a backdated membership dues…no receipts …